How can Steve McLaren stop being a Pain in the Ass?

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Steve McLarenResign as England manager. Steve McLaren is a complete idiot by being to bossy around England and even brainlessly shrugging David Beckham off the team representing a complete turnaround for squad he led for a decade.

I am no big fan of David Beckham but placing the axe for a player who exude a great deal of confidence and influence among his teamates is nothing to be taken lightly.

England has played dismal in their qualification for Uefa Euro 2008 which also endangers their FIFA World Cup 2010 bid.

Steve McLaren remain confident that they would make it in Uefa Euro in Austria and the thought of missing out on that competition has not entered his mind. He should by all means considering thinking about that because England has not shown any sign they are contenders for their previous games. A loss to Spain on Wednesday does not help their cause.

Is he going to resign?

He has so much pride that he would continue championing the cause for England; before he and England realize their debacle, it would be too late.

What is he going to do?

Steve McLaren should go back to the drawing boards and have David Beckham back on the squad and let them do what they do best previously. England has enough firepower to breeze past the qualifications using their old squad and team chemistry. Sure Steve wants to have his own legacy and insist his own system; but that should come at a later time and on a gradual process.


Steve, just let them play and stop being a pain in the ass for all England fans.

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