UEFA Euro 2008

Congratulations to Spain for Winning the Uefa Euro 2008 Finals

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Spain is definitely celebrating right now as they have just won the 2008 Uefa Euro after 44 years on a goal by Torres. Congratulations Spain for bringing home the 2008 Uefa Euro Finals,

Image from Uefa Euro.

Uefa Euro 2008 Quarterfinals LiveBlog: Germany vs Portugal

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Uefa Euro 2008 Portugal Fan

Portugal (1) vs Germany (2)

– Petit fires wide open
– Deco freekick
– Cristiano crashes to the ground and seems to be injured
– Ball gien away to Cristiano Ronaldo who surges towards the goal
– Germany attacking the game
– Germany coach just looks on the box because of ban
– Game has started


– Cristiano Ronaldo almost a brilliant effort on a counter from the left side but missed the net
– Podolski attacking from the left side and passing to Ballack who dribbles and gets a clear shot from the left side. Deflected by goalie
– Germany has possession but seems they are slacking a bit
– Nuno is all fired up and he has Portugal back on the game
– Portugal trying to score and tie the game after Germany scores two goals in a four minute span
– Interception by Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo almost a clear shot but misses
– Germany gets it back
– Portugal gets back after Podolski misses
– Germany with a throwin
– Germany now in posession
40 GOAL: Nuno Gomez scores after Cristiano right shot didn’t go in
– Germany attacking but Portugal now with counter on Deco, Simao, Cristiano Ronald and Gomez has…
– Germany gets posession but breakaway stopped by Portugal Pepe
– Portugal has possession
– Pepe with a forearm on the chest to Ballack
– Ballack down
– Germany now attacking
– Cristiano almost a breakaway but was saved
– Portugal Meirelles on a long shot but no luck
– Portugal now has posession
– Ballack setup for Germany
– Cristiano’s long bomb was saved
– Klose offside
– Portugal attacking, Cristiano looking for Gomez but Germany counters
– Germany now in posession, Podolski rushing but Portugal now gets posession
– Portugal regains posession and counters, Cristiano Ronaldo almost scores from the right side but was cleared by German defender
– Germany now in posession of the ball
– Simao almost gets a close shot but was cleared by Germany
– Podolski challenges and Portugal gets free kick
– Deco being challenged from just outside penalty
– Portugal now in posession as Cristiano Ronaldo dribbles from midfield
– Portugal making first half change
– Germany regains posession
– Simao with a corner kick but gets clear and now setting up again
26′ GOAL: Klose scores another Goal for Germany via a header from a free kick from Schweinsteiger
– Yellow card on Petit
– Moutinho hurt from a Ballack tackle. Major blow for Portugal
22′ GOAL: Schweinsteiger scores a GOAL from Podolski pass from the left side
– Germany in posession
– Ronaldo offside
– Portugal from the back setting up play
– Cristiano Ronaldo almost had a breakaway
– Ballack just missed on a header from a corner kick from the right side
– Germany still in posession and is settling for a corner kick
– Deco passing to Gomez
– Germany attacking the net of the left side
– Podolski is handling the ball and looking for teamates, Germany in possession
– Portugal is in possession attacking the net however Cristiano Ronaldo lost the ball
– Germany just lost possession following Simao’s attack on the goal
– Simao almost had a breakaway shooting on the right side of the net
– Ballack is attacking the net
– Portugal is now in control of the ball
– Klose was attacking the net but Portugal quickly got the ball

9′ The game has started with intense action with both teams exchanging shots towards the goal, however, both are still finding their net

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Uefa Euro 2008 Is Rocking Hot

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Uefa Euro 2008 Hot Babe

Uefa Euro 2008 is already in the quarterfinals and we have seen a lot of action and especially a lot of hot fans.

Picture from here.

Copa America has Tricked the FIFA World Rankings Anew

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FIFA World Rankings has changed anew to reflect the results in the just concluded Copa America.

The FIFA ranking is in favor of Brazil and Argentina as their Copa America stint managed to trick the computations while Italy, France and Germany are drinking beers and chilling out awaiting their next game for the Uefa Euro 2008 qualifier.

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McClaren Needs to Prove a Point More than His Players

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Steve McClarenSteve McClaren has pointed out that the players need to prove a point in their Uefa Euro 2008 qualifier match against Israel in Tel Aviv.

More than anything else, I believe Steve McClaren is the one who should prove a point for England. The squad was spectacular in the last FIFA World Cup and their current team which was supposed to be the same line up as before is far from half of their previous face.

Steve has put in a lot of changes starting in getting rid of David Beckham who should have provided the leadership and maturity England needs to develop its young core like Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney.

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Big Boos for Alex Ferguson on McLaren

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Alex Ferguson and Steve McLaren were old pals as Steve served as Alex’s assistant for two and a half years before leaving for Red Devils; as such, I understand the support Alex is giving Steve. He would not recommend for the replacement of Steve McLaren despite England’s first home loss in a qualifier but would instead boost his morale to perform.

Alex warned that media is putting unecessary pressure on Steve McLaren and booting him out should not be an option as the manager’s great potential would never be reached.

So what?

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How can Steve McLaren stop being a Pain in the Ass?

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Steve McLarenResign as England manager. Steve McLaren is a complete idiot by being to bossy around England and even brainlessly shrugging David Beckham off the team representing a complete turnaround for squad he led for a decade.

I am no big fan of David Beckham but placing the axe for a player who exude a great deal of confidence and influence among his teamates is nothing to be taken lightly.

England has played dismal in their qualification for Uefa Euro 2008 which also endangers their FIFA World Cup 2010 bid.

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McClaren Doesn’t Need Time to Revive England

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I cannot understand why McClaren is asking people to be patient while he figure out a way to make England contenders. Pathetic performances against Macedonia and Croatia saw them scoring only a single goal and their latest game against Holland was decided late in the game with a goal from Rafael van der Vaart.

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Terry Venables and Steve McClaren are Working their Differences Out

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Terry Venables Steve McClarenSteve McLaren and Terry Venables are reported to have a big riff between them that led to a series of lackluster performances from England National Squad. As reported on News of the World, Terry says they do not agree with each other in terms of tactics and team selection.

Terry said Steve McLaren agree with his decision to leave Steward Downing out against Croatia and change their formation to a 3-5-2 system.

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UEFA Euro 2008 Qualifying Table

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The UEFA Euro 2008 qualifiers is underway and below are the groupings and teams competiting to become Europe’s best team:

Group A – Serbia, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Group B – Scotland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Faroe Islands
Group C – Greece, Norway, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Moldova, Malta

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