Big Boos for Alex Ferguson on McLaren

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Alex Ferguson and Steve McLaren were old pals as Steve served as Alex’s assistant for two and a half years before leaving for Red Devils; as such, I understand the support Alex is giving Steve. He would not recommend for the replacement of Steve McLaren despite England’s first home loss in a qualifier but would instead boost his morale to perform.

Alex warned that media is putting unecessary pressure on Steve McLaren and booting him out should not be an option as the manager’s great potential would never be reached.

So what?

Steve should have known that he is going to lead England, a team expected to win and missing out on Uefa Euro 2008 is not an option. The competition would also serve as a qualifier for FIFA World Cup 2010 and missing out on Euro endangers their chances on missing out the World Cup.

When will he realize his potential

He should start realizing his potential in March in Israel where their next round of qualifiers will be played. He doesn’t have all the time in the world to start realizing his potential especially because England is not a training ground for fresh manager who can have a sub-par performance.

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