McClaren Needs to Prove a Point More than His Players

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Steve McClarenSteve McClaren has pointed out that the players need to prove a point in their Uefa Euro 2008 qualifier match against Israel in Tel Aviv.

More than anything else, I believe Steve McClaren is the one who should prove a point for England. The squad was spectacular in the last FIFA World Cup and their current team which was supposed to be the same line up as before is far from half of their previous face.

Steve has put in a lot of changes starting in getting rid of David Beckham who should have provided the leadership and maturity England needs to develop its young core like Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney.

David Beckham has already expressed his desire to play in FIFA World Cup and his inclusion simply makes the team far better than how it is holding up right now. You would bet Steve McClaren is not smart enough to recognize how he has enigireed


Gary Neville of Manchester United sprained his ankle ligament which is a big loss to England since he is at the core of England playing the right back. This is a hurdle that Steve should be able to handle .


Steve McClaren who has shown how to move and omit his England players at will seems to be softening a bit and has called in Gareth Barry from Aston Villa to fill-in the void left by Neville who has suffered a torn ligament.

Prove something

C’mon Steve, you’re next game against Israel is not a venue to test your players, but rather a venue to decide whether to keep you as manager or not.

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