S. Africa video on: National Anthem of South Africa

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The skilled South Africa fever is getting hotter with fresh readings:

National Anthem of South Africa South African anthem. I do not tolerate any racist or prejudice comments. Does that make me an unfair censor? A dictator? I actually couldn’t care less. I love my country and I believe that she has a lot to offer to the world and I don’t have time for bitterness and ignorant perceptions. My video is filled with hope for a highly misunderstood yet unique country. If you are looking for a video to use as a public urinal, please target somebody else’s because I wont approve your comment 🙂 Happy 2010! From: DarthSmee Views: 455735 626 ratings Time: 03:47 More in Travel & Events

Below is an update on South Africa:

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S. Africa video on: National Anthem of South Africa

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