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Trinidad & Tobago Captain is Rusty?

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Dwight Yorke, team captain of Trinidad & Tobago, will have his final game as a Sydney FC player on Sunday against Central Coast Mariners in Australia’s Grand Final.

Yorke said he has two-and-a-half months without a club and without playing competitive football ahead of him.

At 34 years old this year’s event is most likely his first and last World Cup so he cannot afford to keep low in the months ahead and would want his Country to remember their first World Cup appearance.

In lieu of Yorke’s void in competitive games; Alex Ferguson has offered him to train with United. Yorke insists that he need games more than anything else to prepare him as the leader of their country. Besides, the Soca Warriors will be facing England in the second game of the World Cup and Alex’s offer may have an ulterior motive.

I think Alex’s offer is genuine but there is still a conflict of interest and may get back at both Yorke and Alex once Yorke performs well in World Cup games and gets checked against England. Unless the Soca Warriors end up in the cellar, the worst thing that could happen is to be slightly beaten out by England which will surely get their people up and roaring.

The best thing to do is get training and play some games with teams that have the least chance of World Cup encounter. Any takers?

World Cup: More Time = No Artillery

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Eriksson argues that FIFA should delay the deadline for the final squad of the World Cup.

Soccernet reports:

‘If the date remains at May 15, we could have a situation where a player is really tired or completely out of form. We would not have the ability to change it.
‘It would be very good if we could pick our squads a week before the World Cup and I don’t see any reason why we cannot do that.

Everyone waits and wants to play for the World Cup so how could anyone be out of shape in less than 2 1/2 weeks? C’mon, just tell the world that your final roster is difficult to complete given the number of players you have that have an impact to your World Cup fate. Most probably he is vying for time and sees how the other teams fare and try to adjust his roster. After all, his lack of pieces to compete strong and finish strong is unlikely to happen unless he strategically chooses a team that could neutralize the possible opponent’s strengths.

Hmm. this is not really bad after all and by no means is it unfair. So I guess what Eriksson is asking is for the benefit of everyone else other than Brazil. Who needs to tailor and change rosters with someone like them?

Sooo Ridiculous: Picture Restrictions

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Soccernet reports FIFA’s decision on controlling the number of pictures to be taken during the World Cup and published in the internet, newspapers and other medium of communication. In part, the article says:

FIFA has banned publication of World Cup photos through the Internet, including on thousands of newspaper web sites, during matches and has severely restricted the number that can be published, regardless of time limits.

Among FIFA’s Internet restrictions are a limit of five photos per half of each match and two photos during each half of extra time, including any subsequent penalty shootout.

This is unacceptable. The world has given much to Football making it the number Sports in the World, and making the World Cup the greatest sporting event in the World. This is how FIFA, the governing body of the world soccer, repays us of this treachery. They operate and get paid through the hard earned money of fans and this is how you — “FIFA” repay us?

This is disheartening to hear on how they shall deprive us of the fun and excitement the game gives us. Our loyal and unconditional love is reciprocated by a few selfish decision makers who sit on our fat earnings.

Wake up “FIFA”! This is not how we should be treated.

Cities to Host World Cup

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There will be 12 cities to host the games in the upcoming World Cup. In the next postings; we shall be looking and analyzing every game to be played in each of these areas. For now, below is the list of these cities:


Stadium: FIFA World Cup stadium (AOL-Arena)
Capacity: 45,442
Matches: Five – four in first round and one quarter-final.

Stadium: FIFA World Cup Stadium (AWD-Arena)
Capacity: 39,297
Matches: Five – four in first round and one last-16 match

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World Cup Cancelled?

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Among the negative news we have received from the resignation of the England’s coach to Ronaldo’s injury the possible cancellation of the World Cup is by far the most frightening.

It has been reported that a deadly bird flu virus is said to have made it in the north of the country — Rugen that may leave organizers without choice but to cancel the World Cup. The president of the Agricultural Parliamentary Committee warned that a possible outbreak would simplify the decision of canceling the World Cup.

This does not bode well on the reputation of the organizers especially because of the criticisms it received on their ticket allocation methods and the safety standards currently in place.

20: England will Win World Cup

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The twenty year old Manchester United striker is confident England will win World Cup 2006 in Germany banking on their 3-2 friendly games win over Argentina.

His statements published in soccernet espn are bold and precise —

‘Of course we are going to win the World Cup,’ Rooney told The Sun. ‘We are all really excited by Germany and everyone in the team knows we are good enough to do the business.

‘I have spoken to Stevie Gerrard about this and we both reckon we have the players to do it.

‘The main thing is we go out there and give our best. But I will do everything I can to help us win the World Cup.’

Michael Owen scored two dramatic late goals to earn England victory against Argentina in November, and Rooney said: ‘Beating them like that has done wonders for our confidence.

‘We were able to run at their defenders and commit them to making tackles in areas they didn’t want to.

‘We really piled the pressure on to them and once we did that, I don’t think they could live with us.’

Well, that was pretty sleek but he should remember everyone going into the World Cup has confidence competing and bringing home the most coveted award in the world.

Every 20-year-old thinks he can conquer and rule the world but it takes more than confidence to win it at that level. The kind of level where confidence and character are defined and stable. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to deliver the killer’s instinct and wins.

England World Cup 2006 Track Top

England World Cup 2006 Track Top

‘…stick together,’ insists Beckham

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England captain David Beckham wants the focus to be back to the World Cup and put aside whatever distraction coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has brought because of his departure after the World Cup.

‘The most important thing is we move on from this. For two weeks it’s been a circus and the focus has been taken away from the team and what we want to accomplish in the World Cup finals. We need to stick together and forget what has happened,’ Beckham told The Sun.

I believe England doesn’t have much of a chance this year in winning the World Cup. Beckham is hopeful still.

‘I didn’t know Sven was going, I had no clue whatsoever. It’s sad but, hopefully, in the end it might not be sad at all. If we go all the way in the competition, it would be a great ending for him.’

‘Yes, there’s a new manager coming in, but Sven’s the one who will be taking us to Germany. People ask if it will affect morale but it won’t. It’s the biggest competition in the game and we want to win it.

Beckham knows the kind of loyalty they have between each other.

‘Every one of the players has a great relationship with this manager. We will stick by him and he will stick by us.’

Beckham as the team captain of England is doing his job in encouraging his teammates to be one unit looking at one common goal. I may not be a big fan of them winning the World Cup finals but moments like this builds the character of the team. The question lies on how strong it is for the competition. What do you think?

Beckham : Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography

Beckham : Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography

Brazil topples England in World Cup

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Brazil winning over England in World Cup 2006 is the prediction of three time World Cup winner Pele. He argues that Brazil has got two teams and losing any player is irrelevant. Both Italy and England on the other hand need to have the players from start to finish if they are to capture the World Cup title.

If Brazil wins it shall mark the second time South Africans have won the World Cup in Europe. Europeans normally win because they are accustomed to the climate and are playing in front of their home town. This is actually true in any sporting event where the home town always has the advantage in winning against their visiting opponents. World Cup happens only every four years and the venue is not always in Europe. This makes the upset of the visiting country less likely.

But given the firepower of Brazil from Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka, etc. they are most likely to overcome all odds. Whether England or Italy does not lose a player they will encounter immense amount of difficulty against the Brazilians until they fall and crumble apart.

Pele also hinted that Czech Republic and the Ivory Cost might be sleeper teams that will claim the ultimate glory.

The 2006 World Cup is scheduled to start in Munich on June 9 with 23 teams going after the goal.

Soccer – FIFA World Cup Vol 3 – 1978 – 1986

Soccer - FIFA World Cup Vol 3 - 1978 - 1986

Coca Cola’s Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour

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Over a 3 month period from January 7 to April 10 Coca-Cola shall tour the hottest football spots in the world to bring and show the FIFA World Cup Trophyâ„¢.

From the start of 2006 the tour shall begin in Accra, Ghana and finish up in Italy by way of London, Rio, Port of Spain, Riyadh, Singapore and Bangkok. The golden emblem of global footballing supremacy introduced in the second half of 2005 will be hosted by 31 cities in 28 countries.

The most famous and coveted trophy in the world shall stay for 3 days with each stop to give the local community a closer look at it.

This is a historic event because it ranks as the most extensive exhibition of the actual FIFA World Cupâ„¢ trophy. And what better way to do this than the number 1 brand in the world — Coca-Cola.



Africa’s Extra Place in World Cup

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Africa will have five countries representing them in June for World Cup 2006 namely Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Tunisia and Togo. They are also hosting the next World Cup in four years time.

Fifa President Sepp Blatter preferred to have an extra place for the host instead of having one of the five countries today removed for World Cup 2010.

I believe the extra slot would be a walk in the park unless the five countries today show a mediocre performance come June. They have to show they can stay competing strong throughout the tournament to boost Africa’s chance in that 6th representation in World Cup.

They can definitely do this. They have already proved their skeptics wrong when predicted the decline of money once the World Cup is held in Africa. The World Cup 2010 has already generated more money through contracts it has reached with television and sponsors.

This shows the marketing power of football or I would put it better by saying the power of the football product is bigger than any sports in the world. It’s bigger than the Olympics.

The extra money generated in the World Cup can be put into good use through the development of football programmes and an initiative for a better football career in Africa as Blatter pointed out.

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