Sooo Ridiculous: Picture Restrictions

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Soccernet reports FIFA’s decision on controlling the number of pictures to be taken during the World Cup and published in the internet, newspapers and other medium of communication. In part, the article says:

FIFA has banned publication of World Cup photos through the Internet, including on thousands of newspaper web sites, during matches and has severely restricted the number that can be published, regardless of time limits.

Among FIFA’s Internet restrictions are a limit of five photos per half of each match and two photos during each half of extra time, including any subsequent penalty shootout.

This is unacceptable. The world has given much to Football making it the number Sports in the World, and making the World Cup the greatest sporting event in the World. This is how FIFA, the governing body of the world soccer, repays us of this treachery. They operate and get paid through the hard earned money of fans and this is how you — “FIFA” repay us?

This is disheartening to hear on how they shall deprive us of the fun and excitement the game gives us. Our loyal and unconditional love is reciprocated by a few selfish decision makers who sit on our fat earnings.

Wake up “FIFA”! This is not how we should be treated.

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