World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group H

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This is a very interesting group that could prove many predictions wrong. Spain is the highest seeded team on this group at number 6, followed by reigning African champions Tunisia at 28th, Saudi Arabia 32nd and Ukraine at 40th but the progress shown by the last three seeded teams put them toe to toe with Spain.

Our gut instincts— Spain

Spain finesse and cohesive team play is going to encounter rough turbulence against Ukraine who is expected to come closest in beating the Spanish team.

The dominating African team is out to give Africa a respectable showing that will benefit their entire nation for 2010 World Cup hosted in their homeland.

Tunisia beating Australia 2-0 in the 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup has a lot of surprises coming that could eventually beat Spain or Ukraine. Together with Saudi Arabia, all these teams could have “win” columns on them.

The heart of this group relies on Spaniard Raul. His health and leadership could prove too much for other teams.


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