World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group G

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This group is about redemption and validation of Football status. France 5th, South Korea 29th, Switzerland 36th and Togo 56th will be up against each other to reach the second round. With France trying to avenge their disappointing 2002 showing, and South Korea trying to prove their past performance was no fluke expect a fiery battle up to the last game in this batch.

Our gut instincts— France

France is itching to get back on track after stumbling in the World Cup 2002 now that Zidane is leading the charge once again. Winners of World Cup 1998 with Zidane healthy give this squad more reason to feel confident and optimistic. Backed by Lilian Thuram and Claude Makelele; this have the artillery to get past this group.

South Korea who had an impressive run by reaching the semi-finals in 2002 is out to prove that their World Cup result was more than the power of the home crowd. They have a different environment playing in Europe for this year’s World Cup which could gain them more respect once they dispatch of their rivals. This won’t be an easy battle with France on the way but their fiery approach could prove enough to win.

A win over Switzerland by either France or South Korea is going to be the clinchers in this round but don’t expect this team to think of beating both of them. This is the World Cup after all.

Togo on the other hand will provide the win column for all the other teams. Good luck on Togo.

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