World Cup: More Time = No Artillery

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Eriksson argues that FIFA should delay the deadline for the final squad of the World Cup.

Soccernet reports:

‘If the date remains at May 15, we could have a situation where a player is really tired or completely out of form. We would not have the ability to change it.
‘It would be very good if we could pick our squads a week before the World Cup and I don’t see any reason why we cannot do that.

Everyone waits and wants to play for the World Cup so how could anyone be out of shape in less than 2 1/2 weeks? C’mon, just tell the world that your final roster is difficult to complete given the number of players you have that have an impact to your World Cup fate. Most probably he is vying for time and sees how the other teams fare and try to adjust his roster. After all, his lack of pieces to compete strong and finish strong is unlikely to happen unless he strategically chooses a team that could neutralize the possible opponent’s strengths.

Hmm. this is not really bad after all and by no means is it unfair. So I guess what Eriksson is asking is for the benefit of everyone else other than Brazil. Who needs to tailor and change rosters with someone like them?

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