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England captain David Beckham wants the focus to be back to the World Cup and put aside whatever distraction coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has brought because of his departure after the World Cup.

‘The most important thing is we move on from this. For two weeks it’s been a circus and the focus has been taken away from the team and what we want to accomplish in the World Cup finals. We need to stick together and forget what has happened,’ Beckham told The Sun.

I believe England doesn’t have much of a chance this year in winning the World Cup. Beckham is hopeful still.

‘I didn’t know Sven was going, I had no clue whatsoever. It’s sad but, hopefully, in the end it might not be sad at all. If we go all the way in the competition, it would be a great ending for him.’

‘Yes, there’s a new manager coming in, but Sven’s the one who will be taking us to Germany. People ask if it will affect morale but it won’t. It’s the biggest competition in the game and we want to win it.

Beckham knows the kind of loyalty they have between each other.

‘Every one of the players has a great relationship with this manager. We will stick by him and he will stick by us.’

Beckham as the team captain of England is doing his job in encouraging his teammates to be one unit looking at one common goal. I may not be a big fan of them winning the World Cup finals but moments like this builds the character of the team. The question lies on how strong it is for the competition. What do you think?

Beckham : Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography

Beckham : Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography


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