20: England will Win World Cup

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The twenty year old Manchester United striker is confident England will win World Cup 2006 in Germany banking on their 3-2 friendly games win over Argentina.

His statements published in soccernet espn are bold and precise —

‘Of course we are going to win the World Cup,’ Rooney told The Sun. ‘We are all really excited by Germany and everyone in the team knows we are good enough to do the business.

‘I have spoken to Stevie Gerrard about this and we both reckon we have the players to do it.

‘The main thing is we go out there and give our best. But I will do everything I can to help us win the World Cup.’

Michael Owen scored two dramatic late goals to earn England victory against Argentina in November, and Rooney said: ‘Beating them like that has done wonders for our confidence.

‘We were able to run at their defenders and commit them to making tackles in areas they didn’t want to.

‘We really piled the pressure on to them and once we did that, I don’t think they could live with us.’

Well, that was pretty sleek but he should remember everyone going into the World Cup has confidence competing and bringing home the most coveted award in the world.

Every 20-year-old thinks he can conquer and rule the world but it takes more than confidence to win it at that level. The kind of level where confidence and character are defined and stable. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to deliver the killer’s instinct and wins.

England World Cup 2006 Track Top

England World Cup 2006 Track Top


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