Brazil topples England in World Cup

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Brazil winning over England in World Cup 2006 is the prediction of three time World Cup winner Pele. He argues that Brazil has got two teams and losing any player is irrelevant. Both Italy and England on the other hand need to have the players from start to finish if they are to capture the World Cup title.

If Brazil wins it shall mark the second time South Africans have won the World Cup in Europe. Europeans normally win because they are accustomed to the climate and are playing in front of their home town. This is actually true in any sporting event where the home town always has the advantage in winning against their visiting opponents. World Cup happens only every four years and the venue is not always in Europe. This makes the upset of the visiting country less likely.

But given the firepower of Brazil from Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka, etc. they are most likely to overcome all odds. Whether England or Italy does not lose a player they will encounter immense amount of difficulty against the Brazilians until they fall and crumble apart.

Pele also hinted that Czech Republic and the Ivory Cost might be sleeper teams that will claim the ultimate glory.

The 2006 World Cup is scheduled to start in Munich on June 9 with 23 teams going after the goal.

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