Group C - Austria, Netherlands, Macedonia & Ukraine - UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

Watch – Group C – Austria, Netherlands, Macedonia & Ukraine – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Group C – Austria, Netherlands, Macedonia & Ukraine – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview and credited to Tifo Football. Viewing time is 00:07:14, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I would argue there are plenty of Dutchmen better defenders then Van Dijck is. The Dutch tend to disregard defending, trying to overcompensate this with extra attack. That’s their whole philosophy.

    Van Dyck never was the best defender in Europe. He might have been the best one in attacking play with Liverpool. At the same time however, no defender was more responsible for conceiving more goals due to personal errors then Van Dyck was when the Uefa nominated him for third best player at the ballon d’or…

  2. i always have interest to watch underdog teams…welp, seems my summer gonna be spent on watching Macedonia

  3. Only thing for Ukraine is that Stepanenko is the established starting defensive midfielder not Sydorchuk.

  4. As an Austrian, this video makes me fear North Macedonia. Also makes me hopeful for a draw against Netherlands and quite sure of a win against Ukraine. How wrong am I?

  5. This makes me sad lol, was supposed to be going to Netherlands Ukraine game, rona ruining things again

  6. The change of tactics by de Boer for the Netherlands has been so sudden that even Tifo is caught out. Basically that whole section on the Netherlands is completely useless now.

    I feel that trying to master a new formation in just 10 days of preparation is insanity. I hope it doesn't destroy whatever chance our team has.

  7. Map of Ukraine is not correct – Crimea is Ukraine. And not "The Ukraine", correct "Ukraine". Anyway, our tactics you know better then geography.

  8. Love the channel and these videos so far but the Netherlands feel under analyzed in comparison to austria. I was really looking forward to this video and am a bit dissapointed. But besides that great work and keep on going, love the graphics and also whats shown with everything else.

  9. ??CEDONIA? Maybe you guys at TIFO should take a lesson about the geography and the countries of EUROPE. DOWNVOTED.

  10. Sorry but there can't be a North Macedonia without a South Macedonia. Will always call it Macedonia until that happens

  11. This will be an exciting group to watch. Everyone can beat everyone here. Especially given the Dutch and the Austrians play well below their potential with their inept coaches.

  12. If Netherlands qualifies from the group, they will be out of Euro in the round of 16. Oranjes need some boost on the coach position.

  13. why does no one mention Bardhi,hes the most dangerous player in the Macedonian squad

  14. When was this video made? The Netherlands are almost certainly playing 5-3-2, and most likely not starting with De Jong, but with Weghorst who had a very impressive season in the Bundesliga…also no mention of Memphis whatsoever?

  15. I don't wanna say anything, but de boer just changed the team to 5:3:2 and gave weghorst the top spot of striker. De boer said, he will play a 5:3:2 for sure ???

  16. There is no country named Macedonia. And there shouldnt be Northern Macedonia at all as it is identity theft to Greece..

  17. I feel like these videos are kind of rushed, maybe because of the short length for each team in a video, leaving much to be desired in regards of correctness and depth. Alaba often plays central midfield in the national team (since it is his preferred position) and not as a wing defender. In addition, Sabitzer is a player who has always done well in clubs but very rarely in the national team. Offensive players to watch here are Kalajdži? and Arnautovi?, those are the two players that are expected to score goals.

  18. The Netherlands are my dark horse. They won't win it but I wouldn't be surprised to see them get to the semis. Stacked team but nobody talking about them!

  19. Why is there a border between continental Ukraine and Crimean peninsula? Please check with UN map and correct.

  20. Netherlands will play 3 at the back because van Dijk is missing and de Vrij accels at it.

    They played it both practice games before the tournament.

    And it seems Weghorst is a main pick out of the blue.

    Luuk de Jong seems like he’s being passed up on as Malen comes in to have a pacy striker rather than targetman Weghorst.

    I’m going to assume you made this video a long tome before posting, because pretty much all of it is outdated regarding the Dutch.

    Most likely setup.

    Depay Weghorst
    Frenkie De Roon
    Wijndal Aké/Blind De Vrij De Ligt Dumfries

    And ye, Corona ruined a lot. No van Dijk and no Koeman. That’s quite bad.

  21. I think Netherlands can easily either be disappointing and lacklustre and finish 3rd at the group stage or dominate out of nowhere and change so many people's minds and end up having a deep run. I think they'll either finish 1st or 2nd in this group because Austria and Ukraine are the type of tough teams where you just can't seem to break them down and they frustrate you and it ends up finishing like 1-1, 2-2 or they even win 2-1 so Netherlands could struggle playing them.

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