Jurgen for Bruce?

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Lousy performance after an arrogant string of media announcements could not help but put a gag on his mouth and show no signs of comeback for the United States team. The disappointing performance of U.S. in the world cup would weigh in the decision of Arena and U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati if they should part ways or make another run.

Jurgen Klinsmann Bruce Arena

I work in a U.S. dominated company and people are outrageous about the outcome; something I could not relate because U.S. has never been and never will be a force to reckon with in stages as big as this. What’s new about U.S. being crushed to the ground?

Anyways, Bruce’s widely publicized disagreements with his U.S. bosses would not help his cause of staying on a team of losers. His tone during the press conference hints of saying goodbye as he brings up the legacy he will be leaving behind:

“Every job I’ve been, when I’ve left them, I’ve left a better team and organization, certainly there have been great moments, from the World Cups to winning Gold Cups to winning big games along the way. It’s all been, I think, milestones. So, yeah, there’s a lot I’m proud of.”

What’s wrong with Bruce?

The whole U.S. lack of football interest is to blame for their dismal showing. A powerhouse like them have the resources to throw the money to raise the economic rewards of playing in their soil but rather they’d put the money in a copy cat called american football. Soccer which sounds stupid, is not football capable of playing with the big guys.

My senior manager was laughing at the U.S. squad right after their loss and said: Doesn’t Bush watch the World Cup? An NBA teams wins and the White House invites them over for pictorials and hero worship activities.

NBA who can only manage 30 million viewers in the Finals is nothing compared to an audience of 1 billion people whose participants have their country’s full backing unlike the U.S. who doesn’t seem to care.

Who going to replace him?

Germany coach Juergen Klinsmann leads all potential candidates. Aside from living in Southern California which makes his commute shorter, the changes he made to the team despite all oppositions have made Germany into a different team and as a result accomplished feats they have not done in the last 36 years.

As Bruce points out some of the things that needs to be changed in the U.S. are:

If Arena is to stay on, he wants better “mechanisms” for success. In the short-term, the United States needs to play in better competitions to prepare for the World Cup, such as Copa America, South America’s championship. U.S. Soccer has been reluctant, because it would take stars away from MLS for even longer periods and shorten the already slight vacation time European-based players have between their lengthy seasons. In the long-term, he wants MLS to assume the role of player development.

These are tough things to ask for but someone like Jurgen Klinsmann is capable of.

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