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Abramovich Puts Decent Money for Russia

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Russian billionaire is giving out $40 million for his country’s national football team which I doubt would go far enough to making his country a force to reckon in world competitions. Chelsea reached the top of the league through the money of Abramovich but we are talking about a huge amount. The money given to Russian football is just the price of a star player in Chelsea.

For political, social and patriot reasons, I salute Abramovich.

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Poll Results: Who’ll win Women’s World Championship in Russia 2006?

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We run a poll on the quarterfinals of the FIFA U-2o Women’s World Championship. The question run was Who’ll win Women’s World Championship in Russia 2006?

The choice of answers were: Russia, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Korea DPR, Germany, France, USA

The Poll results are as follows:

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Ronaldinho is bitter in World Cup Loss & Snubs Zidane

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Can you just imagine the media frenzy that exploded right after Zidane’s headbutt followed by the world talking about the incident for both football and non-football fans alike? His headbutt move is found everywhere from televisions, posters, screensavers, pop-ups even in non-football forums where users use a gif photo showing his headbutt move as their icons.

Not for Ronaldinho who admits he has never seen that moment nor any other news after they lost to France.

He is bitter about their loss and hid himself far away from the world back by retreating to his roots at the southern Brazilian town of Porto Alegre.

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Klinsmann Targets USA

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Jurgen KlinsmannThe word is out that Jurgen Klinsmann who revolutionized Germany’s style of play is leaving Germany and assistant coach Joachim Loew is taking over. Loew is the closest coach Germany could get if they want to continue their fast attacking style Jurgen put in place. And to reinforce the decision Loew is promised to continue with Klinsmann’s style and says: That’s the only way we can achieve a lasting place among the very best in the world.

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Vote for France – Italy Finals

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I am running a poll on the right side of the page. Go and vote for your team…

I going for France in the Finals. How about you?

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Preview (Finals): France vs Italy

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FIFA World Cup FranceOne word for France — Zizou. Italy’s answer — Cannavaro.

Zidane’s performance against Brazil and Portugal proved his age together with Patrick Vieira is an unstoppable combination that brings experience, composure and leadership to the team. Zidane’s brilliance in the midfield will be greatly depended upon, especially when Italy’s defender — Cannavaro is a wall to reckon with, to create scoring opportunities for them and hope one of the deadliest strikers in the world convert on it — Thierry Henry.

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Results (3rd): Germany 3 vs Portugal 1

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Germany World Cup

The crying girl must be all smiles as hundreds of thousands of Germans gathered to watch their 3rd place game against Portugal as if it was a finals game. Germany did not disappoint them anymore with an entertaining win in the score of 3 – 1 in favor of the host nation.

Hours before the celebration multitudes of people gathered in bars, restaurants, pubs, big screen designated places, etc. and even thousands gathered in front of the team’s hotel room to show them they were behind them all the way.

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Vote for the Best Young Player

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Gillete Best Young Player

The race for the prestigous Gillete Best Young Player award is heating up with the list trimmed down to six players. The award aims to recognize the impact of young footballers in their first FIFA World Cup who rises above their young peers throughout the duration of the tournament.

Past winners include notables like Brazilian legend PELÉ, German icon Franz BECKENBAUER, greatest striker of Peru Teofilo CUBILLAS and England wunderkid Michael OWEN to name a few.

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Results (Semis): France 1 vs Portugal 0

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Zidane’s goal is all that matters, another chapter to a decade of greatness.

Few of the greatest athletes in any sport could write a fairy tale story book ending as Zidane is presented with. Few if perhaps none of them came out of retirement to participate in the greatest sporting event in the world and show mastery and dominance across different generations. As such is the greatness of the best midfielder in the last decade and arguably one of the greatest that played the game.

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(Semis, halftime): France 1 – Portugal 0

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France Portgual World CupZidane Is Done! They said his career was over. They said he’s too old to play at highest level. Zidane proved his doubters wrong by catapulting his team past Brazil all the way to the semi-finals.

And today against Portugal he scored the goal via a penalty kick off Carvalho taking down Henry on the 33rd minute. He is outplaying his fellow legend Zigo who looked to have suffered an injury but is now ok.
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