Klinsmann Targets USA

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Jurgen KlinsmannThe word is out that Jurgen Klinsmann who revolutionized Germany’s style of play is leaving Germany and assistant coach Joachim Loew is taking over. Loew is the closest coach Germany could get if they want to continue their fast attacking style Jurgen put in place. And to reinforce the decision Loew is promised to continue with Klinsmann’s style and says: That’s the only way we can achieve a lasting place among the very best in the world.

Jurgen on the other hand says he is tired and exhausted, and thanked everyone for his two year stint with the team. He says that the main reason of leaving the German national team is due to his family and would like to spend more time with them. He doesn’t have any immediate plans and would like to tackle on his next move after a six month vacation.

Since Jurgen’s family is leaving in southern California, coaching the USA squad seems a logical choice for him. Bruce’s future with team USA will remain until a replacement has been identified.

Would Jurgen take US job?

Why not? He was very successful with Germany and all indication says this man is confident and is unfazed with the US team’s poor performance in the recent World Cup. If would make it more attractive to him as he can build US into a powerhouse team that could reach greater heights in the years to come and at the same time makes his job closer to his family.

This is a win-win situation for Jurgen and most likely he will take the job.

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  1. Mr. klinsman is a topofficial and lets not forget master on the field.He will never coach american soccer.because american soccer is still in its baby season.He coached the a professional soccer team,where all the men in the team are good,and master the field.Germany is considered one of the top!He will rather coach a team that is allready hardcore like ghana or the chech republic.America has a long way to go.It is not about goals,it is the tango on the field.Professionals make love to the ball.none professionals have sex on the field that is the difference.Klinsman will rather coach a team that is on his level.A coach is 10%,and the players are 90%.And if he accept it ,america will still not win,because they have no clue what soccer is.The masters of the soccerworld are playing the fields since they are 5,6 7 years old.They did not start when they went to college.they started as babies.Thats why they can roll the ball on their neck and back to the feet,suave……..kids all over the world play daily not weekly.and klinsman is a master.Bruce arena did not do anything wrong,he did the best he could.It is not his fault,and it is not the players fault either.They dont know any better,they dont give a show.yet.they just kick the ball.they did not grow upwith soccer!!!!!hopefully a new generation can start playing daily soccer untill they master the deal.this has nothing to do with soccermoms.this is serious business.

  2. I agree with you that US is a long long way to go before they can be up par with the best players from all over the world.

    They should start by calling it football other than soccer:) I have a post on this at http://footie.sporati.com/bob-is-not-the-solution.page

    Klinsmann says he feel burnt out and come to think of it it has only been 2 years since he took over Germany and insists he needs more time with his family and does want to spend the next 6 months with them.

    Four more years down the road with a team far from home may be too much for him.

    I would believe Klinsmann’s family will have a heavier weight in his decision, if not he would have never quit Germany after all and should have just taken a vacation. 🙂

  3. I hope that Mr. Klinsman takes the job. Family can have a serious effect on his decision. I’m wondering if his family are fans of the USA team?
    Sorry frieda vlet, the USA is not in a ‘baby season’ as you descibed. We have made the last 5 WC’s so we’re not that little.
    Yes, we’re not on par with the world but I think that is slowly changing.
    Bruce Arena was too conservative for me. I would have liked to see more forwards and more like a 4-3-3 formation. Our players can play. Yes, they sucked against Czech but they did quite well against Italy. Oh by the way, Team USA is the only team that Italy did not beat and now they are World Champs. Arena is right, we can play with the best, only we need to show for it.
    Back to Mr. Klinsman. I hope he can see the better side of US soccer (football) and help put to rest all the criticism the team has faced.
    Mr. Klinsman, welcome to your new job coaching Team USA. We are confident in your abilities.

  4. Hello Andrew,

    As much as I would like Klinsmann to remain in Germany, I believe it’s for the greater good of USA if he coaches their team to succeed. That will increase the football awareness and popularity in the country and overall, a powerhouse like U.S. could further the sport, asserting it’s power as the world’s number 1 sport.

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  6. Last year july 14 I told everybody in my letter that mr.klinsman would never accept the job because he is a topplayer{a master in the artsof football.}the reason my letter waqs not seriously taken is the fact that you saw a women’s name and you thought i had no clue what i was saying.did you get the message now????????????Klinsman is a topplayer for germany with a enormous task for leading .you really believed he would coach the us????i said it before and you can see my predictions came trough.Anyone who says he was coming to america has no clue what football is in the world.!klinsman is a proud man of his sport.I was very much suprised that beckam took the job.But americans believe beckam can make them win?????:???: beckam cannot make you win,and beckam cannot score a goal,because to score a goal you need a team that know what to do.A goal is teamwork!!!!!!!!it is not a oneman work.The ball has to get to beckam,he needs help for that,with that.if the team is lost ,what do you expect from the goollie???do you know how large the footballfield is???football is a teamsport ,to be able to harvest a goal.You have seen with your own eyes,that beckam did not score,and he got boed.The people who boed have no clue how the sport works.it is not like that..beckam scored for for england because he had teammates like tigers.guys who are hungry for the sport.,and know the sport.there will be no goal ,if the team is not hungry ,and ready for the sport.By the way andrew asked if his family is a fan of team usa????????what is that all about?Does klinsman family has to to be a fan???i dont get it.they dont have to be a fan of the usa at all.they are germans and they can love their own team.Do you mean because he has to coach the us,his family has to love the us?????And i see andrew said the us has won 5 times for the wc’s???????/I see he is way behind football knowledge.Let me teach you football,it does not matter if you enter the worldcup 100 times before,it has nothing to do with enter,we talk FINALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!I dont think he knows that brazil ,{master} holland{master]argentina{master} they made the world cup too and are the masters and lost early on.And to say that america won from italy is a joke,because if america won,the italians probably did not put their best players to play the us,they usely keep the masters to play the top games!!!!Instaed of playing hardball,study the game and learn more about it not here,but overseees……………………Fooball is hardcore.Have you seen guys flying in the air???us born babies get a teddybear when they are born,brazilians get a soccerball when they are born.Real soccer is played in the rough neighboorhoods with no shoes ,in the rain and the sun.not with soccermoms running around.kids learn pretty soon how to manage the sport.I said it before ,a coach will lead you ,but if you are not a tiger for the sport dont go there.I know that americans not all ,have no clue about football.because when mexico played ,they had no clue that they had to cheer for mexico,because mexico is NORTH AMERICA.they dont know that if mexico had won the ball would have belonged to to N.america.The mexicans were the only ones cheering for the usa,because they wanted the cup to come here,but visa versa ,was clueless.!!!Thats why the name is worldcup.It can go to africa ,europa, or ect.People in south america wantt the cup to stay in southamerica,and they cheer each other.As a dutch journalist i worked the fields ,and my love for football will allways be there

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