Ronaldinho is bitter in World Cup Loss & Snubs Zidane

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Can you just imagine the media frenzy that exploded right after Zidane’s headbutt followed by the world talking about the incident for both football and non-football fans alike? His headbutt move is found everywhere from televisions, posters, screensavers, pop-ups even in non-football forums where users use a gif photo showing his headbutt move as their icons.

Not for Ronaldinho who admits he has never seen that moment nor any other news after they lost to France.

He is bitter about their loss and hid himself far away from the world back by retreating to his roots at the southern Brazilian town of Porto Alegre.

Straight from the world’s best player Ronaldinho: To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen anything.


When we were eliminated from the World Cup, I went home and disconnected from the world. I didn’t watch TV or read the newspapers.

Everybody told me about it, but I preferred to stay away from (everything related to) the World Cup.

He deserves all the awards he receives. There is anger during games. In one moment or another, you can lose your head, or just not be able to take the pressure.

It was a loss primarily because of the power and greatness of Zidane and you should at least be sports enough to celebrate the remainder of the World Cup as the games itself is bigger than a single country’s pride. The fans deserve teams and players who display true sportsmanship and not hide yourself as if nothing is happening anymore.

You had your moment before, and I am sure you will still have more to come; but at least, during times of defeat take it as a man.

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  1. I don’t know why you are being so admant in attacking Ronaldinho for retreating from the world following Brazil’s exit from the world cup.. If I was him, I would have done exactly the same. he obviously feels like shit as he had apologized to fans so I find calling him bitter and asking him to “act like man” pretty macho..

  2. My French colleagues in Germany was impressed on the sportsman behavior of Brazilian fans because they celebrated and partied all night long together with them, something they did not expect. Even here, Brazilians stayed and celebrated with everyone else even after they lost.

    I would expect Ronaldinho’s sportmanlike conduct and IQ should be higher than the average fan. He better go out there and learn from the fans, afterall, the World Cup itself is bigger than any team or player, so if he was plain pathethic in his performance in the World Cup, he could at least excel in his attitude and camaraderie.

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