Group A - Italy, Switzerland, Turkey & Wales - UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

Watch – Group A – Italy, Switzerland, Turkey & Wales – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

With kick off to Euro2020 fast approaching, we preview each group and ask – what can we expect from these teams? First up, Group A with a direct Italy, …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Group A – Italy, Switzerland, Turkey & Wales – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview and credited to Tifo Football. Viewing time is 00:07:34, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. The most interesting Group After the Group F that has Portugal, germany, hungaria and french.

    Group F is the hardest Group. But other nations can be happy for this because one of the best teams in tournament is not going to reach next step.
    2018 wc winner
    2016 euro winner
    2014 wc winner
    Ali are in one Group 😀

  2. Are they all still kneeling down for Marxists ? How can anyone watch football after the past year

  3. I was hoping this would help me decide on how to arrange my pool but this just made it harder. I think Turkey will top Italy in the group stages tho.

  4. this is a lovely presentation. That being said, Italy’s weakness is their forwards. Not their strength. And a CB pairing with a combined age over 70. It’s very similar line up to the one that missed qualification for the last WC. This will be their undoing against decent opponents. I think that this tournament will shock them into retiring several players. Being Italian, I hope that I’m wrong!

  5. My prediction is that Italy will top the group with Turkey being runners-up. Switzerland finishing 3rd and Wales finishing last and being knocked out. I doubt Wales are going to repeat their surprise performance in 2016 this time round.

    I think Italy will at least win or draw their home matches but Turkey is unpredictable, they have a good squad and they have done well at times, beating and drawing with France in the Euro qualifiers and then beating the Dutch a few months ago. But at the same time they only drew with Latvia and got relegated to League C in the Nations League (losing to Hungary twice and only managing to draw with Serbia). But the Turks should not be underestimated when they have their act together they are good, but I don't think they'll be good enough to beat Italy or win the tournament.

  6. The style they want to play would.besg be described as our goal against Belgium a few weeks ago. Absolutely cut them to bits

  7. Also love the content…both in here and the podcast.

    Need some.merch with Joe's "shush up..shush up you"

  8. ITALY > SWITZERLAND > TURKEY > WALES. Turkey would go on as best 4 3rd placed team. Mark my words.

  9. Two home games for Turkey in Baku. I say Turkey and Italy will make up the first two in the group, Switzerland and Wales will play for 3rd.

  10. It’s awesome how England, Scotland and Wales have all qualified for this tournament. Home nation representation. ??

  11. Personally, I find the moving backgrounds somewhat distracting. Really enjoying these preview videos though, can’t wait for the slough of podcasts to start!

  12. Wales want to be like Ireland in the Big Jack era ie a v good side but they retain the luxury of being underdogs. But they are EXPECTED to advance from this group: pressure!

  13. Honestly … this content is just a cut above anything else on youtube. Bravo to everyone involved. Long live Tifo ?????

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  15. Funny how we all thought Wales would go off the tournament and now they're having chances to progress…

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