UEFA Euro 2020 Groups are OUT REACTION !! BONUS: Predictions !

Watch – UEFA Euro 2020 Groups are OUT REACTION !! BONUS: Predictions !

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

EURO 2020 group stages are out, the event will happen in 2021 and the tactical Manager goes through the groups, their market values and predictions. Who will …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled UEFA Euro 2020 Groups are OUT REACTION !! BONUS: Predictions ! and credited to Tactical Manager TV. Viewing time is 00:08:05, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, | Wales
    Group B: Belgium, Denmark, Russia, | Finland
    Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, | Macedonia, Austria
    Group D: England, Croatia, | Scotland, Czech Republic
    Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, | Slovakia
    Group F: Portugal, France, Hungary, | Germany

  2. I just don't understand based on what England will win over Croatia lol, England is overrated af, Croatia has lower team price but better team overall, you'll se Croatia will walk over england

  3. Group A: Italy, Wales
    Group B: Belgium, Denmark
    Group C: Netherlands, Austria
    Group D: England, Croatia
    Group E: Spain, Poland
    Group F: France, Ronaldo

    France to win it all! ???????

  4. People saying that Hungary will get destroyed, remember when Denmark beat Netherlands and finished 3rd in a group with????3rd can be enough to progress this time

    And 2014 World Cup USA finished 2nd in a group with ????

  5. With all due respect, you are wrong i think three teams of each group advance, so basically all the big guns will make it to the knockouts, theres no way france is gonna fail in the group stage, even if they finish 3rd they will advance, and to be honest i think they´ll top the group, after what i saw against my country Portugal.

  6. Remember the 4 best 3rd placed teams will also qualify for the last 16. So your 4 teams short…. France for example could finish 3rd in group F like you predict but still get through…. and of course Scotland will sneak through 🙂

  7. Italy and Switzerland A, Belgium and Denmark B, Netherlands and Austria C, England and Portugal D, Spain and Poland E, France and Portugal F

  8. Well to be honest, i see Spain, Belgium and France as the top teams right now, the way we played these last two matches against france and croatia, quite frankly i dont believe we will repeat as champions, it would be amazing to be euro champs again, but i dont see it happening unless things change overnight!

  9. Oh wow, I actually think the Czech republic is the dark horse of the tournament. That is if the players stay healthy and they don't miss more than 2 players (which was always the case recently, especially upfront). Scotland is garbage and is going to get trashed by all 3 teams.

  10. This video was published a day too early, no way Germany will go through before France. France is stronger than both Portugal and Germany

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