SCOTLAND, NORTH MACEDONIA, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA: EURO 2020 groups are now completed!!

Watch – SCOTLAND, NORTH MACEDONIA, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA: EURO 2020 groups are now completed!!

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled SCOTLAND, NORTH MACEDONIA, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA: EURO 2020 groups are now completed!! and credited to UEFA. Viewing time is , enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I would just like to say congratulations to ?? Finland, ?? North Macedonia, and ?gbsct Scotland for qualifying.
    Good luck ? in the tournament.

  2. Really looking forward to the Euro cup next year and wow Hungary making that's a suprise for sure but Hungary is in the toughest group

  3. why did u put that Szalai goal in the vid for Hungary and not Szoboszlai's free-kick BANGER from 30-40m ???????? bruhhhh

  4. My prediction
    Group A
    1 Italy
    2 Switzerland
    3 Wales
    4 Turkey

    Group B
    1 Belgium
    2 Denmark
    3 Russia
    4 Finland

    Group C
    1 Netherlands
    2 Ukraine
    3 Austria
    4 North Macedonia

    Group D
    1 Croatia
    2 England
    3 Scotland
    4 Czech Republic

    Group E
    1 Spain
    2 Poland
    3 Sweden
    4 Slovakia

    Group F
    1 France
    2 Portugal
    3 Hungary
    4 Germany

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  6. I am a German support, I hope they can find a way to do better than what they did In the last world cup it was horrible for them. They have to respect the game and play hard from the first game. My prediction is Belgium, Netherlands and France have the best chance. Good luck to all teams i hope we can witness a great tournament.

  7. Hey guys, if you could pick an underdog in each group who would it be? Mine would be
    Group A – Turkey
    Group B – Russia
    Group C – Austria
    Group D – Czech Republic
    Group E – Slovakia
    Group F – Hungary

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