Belgium is for sure the favorite to win Euro 2020 - Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

Watch – Belgium is for sure the favorite to win Euro 2020 – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf, Kasey Keller and Steve Nicol discuss Belgium’s chances of winning its first major trophy at Euro 2020. The No. 1 team …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Belgium is for sure the favorite to win Euro 2020 – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:05:27, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!



  2. How come (mostly) English people still think they've got the quality to win anything? 4-1? Come on!!

    I know the dutch are long shots to win (and probably for good reasons), but I would pick them over England any day of the week and twice on Sundays…

    So yes, Belgium has far more quality than the English, even if they still seem to be a bit light on their full backs/wing backs…

  3. Portugal being 16-1 is just shamefull. ESPN should be much more professional and impartial in this odds. England is 2nd favorite to win (lol)! France, England, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands (!!!), Italy (!!!!!!!) are all above Portugal that are going to defend the title won in 2016 playing with names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, João Félix…. …ok!

  4. What happened to all of your dumb predictions in 2016? Who ended up winning  by defeating the favourites in their on back yard in front of their own fans? HA, HA.

  5. Italy is ahead of Portugal in this power rankings… that's the only thing you need to know about the credibility of these odds. ??????

  6. Love how everyone underestimate Croatia again ?, 9 same player will show up and 2 fresh new one, Croatia will be dark horse once again ??

  7. My bet is on the Netherlands…. Germany will see the finals….. Italy will get a taste of the Semi's….. Portugal will not see the quarters…… England will see the semi's….. France will lay an egg….. Spain is average…… I can't wait to see the November 30, 2019 draw, this draw will determine the groups for the Euro 2020…… and most of all enjoy the games everybody….. Go Netherlands….. Forza Italia…..

  8. The three teams with the highest chance on winning
    1. The netherlands the netherlands have a strong defense with young talent de ligt and of course the best defender in the world virgel van dijk their midfield is also amazing with wijnaldom frenkie de jong and van de beek and a strong attack with memhis depay and young talent donyell malen

    2. Portugal portugal has ofcourse on of the best players in the world ronaldo and jaou felix also their midfield and defense is not bad. and all the players are in good condition and the won the nations legeue

    3 france france won the worldcup and has mbappe witch is so fast and good together with griezman they have in my opinion the best attack but i dont think they wil win because the defense and midfield is fine but not very good

  9. Lots and lots of talk and stats as usual, but matches are won on the pitch. Italy haven’t even qualified for the World Cup, but let’s see if all these stats will help the so-called strong teams when they face us. Good luck!

  10. Belguim is big gladiator favorites team!!!!
    De Bruyne, lukaku, hasard,witsel, mertens, BEnteke, Chadli, Carrasco, batshuayi, Origi,

    De monstre team!!!!

  11. Netherlands are nowhere near the hype they v been given. France doesnt look good they couldnt beat Turkey in 2 games but it seems like they are playing in 2nd gear so will see . England are ready to finaly do something. Belgium are proven chokers they could do something noone said its impossoble but i would put 0 fucking euros on that chokers sorry guys. Spain is still in some sort of transition period after the 2008-2013 generation and especially Xavi and Iniesta. Portugal stalking as always. Italy is beeing hyped again because of the wins against the teams that have never qualified for the any major tournaments in their history. So basically we have France as top favorites and other 7 teams England, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and Germany are equaly capable of any result.

  12. Yo Belgium beat England TWICE during the world cup …!!!!!! you are bunch of clowns with a very short memory !!! LOL .. your comments are garbage !!!

  13. I'm portuguese so you can not take this opinion but I think there's only 4 major competitors to the title:
    – Belgium
    – France
    – Portugal
    – Croatia

    Belgium has some problems but the other 3 have some bigger problems, especially on which they should have on the field and on the bench.

    Saying England, Spain, Germany and Italy are ready to be big again is pretty… false. They are in a transitional period and it will probably take about 10y when the whole national team players rotate.

    Also, "De Bruyne and Hazard" are dangerous but Portugal also has Bruno Fernandes and Bernando Silva. France has Tolisso which I think it's a pretty good player and Croatia has Modric. I know some people will get triggered with this but I think they are valid comparisons.

  14. I´m from Germany, and I know that the current German team is the weakest we had in the last 20+ years.
    Holland, France, Belgium, England, Croatia, Spain, Portugal and maybe Italy are far better then we are at the moment.
    I don´t expect from the German team to win anything in the next 5-10 years.
    But I also have to say, these people don´t have a clue. I watch their analysis very often and they almost never predict anything correctly.
    I have to say – I think that France will win the Euro again, Belgium will get to the quarter finals and then probably lose (depends on which teams they play against) – Spain will also fall, maybe to a team that doesn´t seem to be the favorite at all. For example, after the WC 2018, Spain played against a disoriented and disinterested Croatia (probably still under the impression of the WC) and won 6:0, and then the same Croatian team won against that same Spain like..a week later 3:2.
    England have potential, but they will also fail. They have an incredible football league, but their national team just doesnt deliver the goods.
    Portugal are a dark horse, and I personally always favor Croatia as well (both teams unpredictable and always strong).
    Holland is a team that will probably also play fantastic but they will start to shine on the next World Cup. Just because it´s a very young team and after they gather experience, they will dominate as they do always. The same goes to Italy.
    So like I said: France, maybe Belgium, Portugal, Croatia and Holland. Those are my favorites for the European Title. But we just have to wait and see.

  15. No offense but… England really as a long way to go before placing second. My odds : France – Belgium – Germany – Netherlands – Portugal – Croatia – Spain – England – Italy – Switzerland.

  16. No way England, Germany, Italy or the Netherlands ahead of Portugal team of today. Sorry doesn't make any sense. Portugal easily beat Italy and the Netherlands, and won the Uefa Nations League.. Germany has still a lot to prove.. Spain is under restructure.. C'mon. And Belgium still need to convince us all they can reach a final yet. France and Portugal must be up there.

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