Every USA World Cup Goal (1990-2010)

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In this video you’ll find every goal the USA have ever scored in the FIFA world cup that we have footage of. 1990 was the first trip back to the world’s biggest …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Every USA World Cup Goal (1990-2010) and credited to 00Kavon. Viewing time is 00:03:03, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Would love to blame Frings myself, but even then, Oliver Kahn wasn't letting one even if they had played another 90 minutes.

  2. Oh no that own goal from Andres Escobar. I'm a Colombian American but what happened to him afterwards what so devastating 🙁

  3. Just to be bitter. Goals wrongly disallowed missing from the video. 2010 – 3rd goal vs. Slovenia, 1st goal vs. Algeria, 2006 – 2nd goal vs. Italy, 2002 – 1st goal vs. Germany (not disallowed but prevented due to a handball on the line).

    That is a staggering amount of goals disallowed in their last 12 games. A goal every three games on average.

  4. i hate that own goal by columbia just because that poor guy was murdered because of it when they returned home

  5. To be fair, rivals tend to split results. We've never beaten Ghana at any level of international football. That being said, I pray we draw them in 2014.

  6. I don't think you will tear it up next summer because your current squad isn't that strong tbh. But I reckon the USA will win the world cup in the next 30 years if the sport keeps growing.

  7. Group of Death? Hang on…

    * Germany is almost an impossible task. They could win the whole thing. But…

    * Ghana knocked us out of the last 2, but they're older now, and we're younger, and we're fast enough to keep up with them.

    * Portugal have also aged badly, to the point where they've become a one-man team, and that one man, Cristiano Ronaldo, has disappeared in several World Cup matches.

    We can make the knockout stage. After that, who knows?

  8. Man, we get a lot of soft goals. 3 own goals and 2 very soft ones in six WCs. We need to up our scoring quality.

  9. the sad part is there should be at least 2 more goals on there: one vs germany in '02 and the 3rd goal vs slovenia in '10 🙁

  10. I remember this, tough game. Perhaps it could've been us playing Brazil after a deserved nonexistent penalty kick. 2014…the battle for a cup goes on.

  11. You know, for a nation who is still the new kid on the block when it comes to soccer, we are doing very well! 

    I'm glad the sport is growing in the United States, and when something is popular here, the whole world follows.  

  12. Viva a seleção de futebol dos EUA,que tem muitos torcedores aqui no Brasil,graças a seu estilo de jogo diferenciado,aguerrido,verdadeiro!

  13. Landon Donovan is the all time leader in USMNT goals. at its like 53. Donovan scores like 8 maybe 10 goals in this thing. DEFINITELY not all the goals scored between 1990-2010.

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