Escobar's Own Goal 6/6

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in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA

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Medellin, the violent hub of Colombia’s narcotics trade, was home to footballer Andrés Escobar, who was killed after scoring an …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Escobar's Own Goal 6/6 and credited to WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER2. Viewing time is 00:05:49, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Thank you for sharing such an informative documentary. Learned a lot more than just the soccer game from this. The pressures for a professional athlete in such environments is so hard to fathom.

  2. @klaudesu Pues yo no e hecho nada por que yo no tengo que limpiar mi imagen yo soy orgulloso de lo que soy, y yo no espero que nadie haga nada por mi para eso dios me dio manos. pero tampoco voy a dejar que una persona ignorante valla a criticar otras personas opiniones sin primero ellos haber hecho algo para mejorar el país ellos que saben las circunstancias de esas personas para decir lo que dijeron.

  3. @AJsfree2toke gangsters have control many countries, just because Colombia is having issues with organize crime doesn't mean your country is any better than mine. if your country is so perfect; who kill Kennedy then?, how come your major cities have high crime rates, how come the state of Illinois have a corruption scandal, and I can go on. REMEMBER your country is a developed country but still plague with crime no?

  4. @jac8897 Wow slow down there, i never said mine was better, i was responding to a guy screaming "There is gangsters everywhere..this guy is fukking racist? b!tch." And i responded "Yeah but gangsters dont control? the countries like in colombia". The guy is complaining saying that there are gangs everywere, and why is the journalist in the video saying so many bad things about the gangs in colombia.. Well becouse its a huge problem in colombia, its in politics, soccer, everywere.

  5. @Oddjob1177. Money is nice, but it's the people who are hungry for power and want to dictate how others should live their lives and have them as their subjects and servants who spread misery. Trade (and thus money) creates bonds and understanding. To bring peace between two people, have them do business and trade on equal terms with each other and you shall see that they will not fight.
    To blame the eeeevil money for the trouble in the world is really thick (yes, I'm calling you out as an idiot)

  6. Medellin right now shifted its reality, is a city that is projected into the future, believed in education, is improving security, full of working people and new enterprises, is the best city in Colombia in this moment.

    En este momento medellin a cambiado mucho su realidad, es una ciudad que se proyecta al futuro, cree en la educacion, esta mejorando en seguridad, llena de personas trabajadoras y de nuevos emprendimientos, es la mejor ciudad de colombia.

  7. Andres … may you be lookin down from the heavens with a smile … we will forever hold you dear to our hearts.
    From Los Angeles, and a proud Colombian-American

    Thanks for the upload of this wonderfully made documentary.
    May everyone realize that the world is not perfect but we should make the best of what we have and love one another no matter our differences.
    RIP Andres

  8. Fantastic documentary. Respect to Richard Sanders and the entire 1994 Colombia World Cup Squad. RIP Andres Escobar 1967-1994 from America with endless respect and warmth.

  9. People calm down, this documentary was made to show andres story and that killing someone over a simple mistake is wrong, u can't expect the guy to make a documentary about every bad thing in this world, chill out
    RIP andres Escobar-3

  10. Didn't know a thing about andre escobar and now i know so much, great job uploading all the videos and thx alot..

  11. Thank you for posting this documentary. I had known of the assassination as a kid but never knew much about the story before now.

  12. Excelente Documental…muy real…muy Colombiano, me reí mucho con la espontaneidad del Tino y de Higuita…jajajja Higuita con su ESCORPIÓN, ídolo. AMO mi Colombia por encima de todos sus defectos.

  13. this documentary was fucked up man. idk but wtf what's wrong with ppl back then and today. are we really that fuck up in our head. greed just fucks with everyone. man i was going to Bogota Colombia in 96 fuck that i didn't.


  15. Why have kids if theres no money to support them … Stupid poor people have the most kids …

  16. If all the junkys in the states and europe stopped with the use of cocaine, you will see thattheywon't sell. Stop the demand, punish the people that use with prison insted of the dealers.

  17. Great and moving film. What is the name of the original version of the song throughout and at the end of the movie? I know it from La Corte – Te estan buscando para matarte, sadly as appropriate as i gets, but I don't know if their version is original or they sampled it.

  18. Andres escobar is a brave man, he probably knew he was in danger yet still returned to Colombia

    Those who killed him are COWARDS!

    Rip Andres, gone but not forgotten

  19. Antes de morirme, quiero que Dios me permita visitar tu tumba…llorarte hasta no poder mas, asi tal vez cuando desahogue toda esta tristeza, està nostalgia de tu muerte hace 28 años, pueda descansar…

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