Escobar's Own Goal 5/6

Watch – Escobar's Own Goal 5/6

in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA

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Medellin, the violent hub of Colombia’s narcotics trade, was home to footballer Andrés Escobar, who was killed after scoring an own goal in the 1994 World Cup.

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Escobar's Own Goal 5/6 and credited to WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER2. Viewing time is 00:08:23, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Interesting how the coach says "we ave no right to ask where the money comes from" as if to relieve himself of any blame in perpetuating the cartel hold on futbol clubs.

  2. I feel da father of andres i live in southern california born and raised my dad is colombian and everytime i would mention im half colombian people would say"weres the coke or were da weed at "they joke but its da rep da mafia gave colombia …ive been there its coo and hope to go again someday

  3. @steven4rmnewyork
    Steven: I've never saw a comment in youtube as stupid as yours. Mafia is a term not only for the italians, the crime is organized in Colombia and it's a shame. You can't make judges like that, try to think before you talk (write). I know my english is not the best but i think you get the idea that in synthesis is that you're stupid and ignorant.

  4. @LuisCaicedo to sit here and actually believe that 95% of columbia is filled with gun waving killing animals even til today shit ask anybody

  5. @steven4rmnewyork Shit… you can't be more stupid. R u colombian? have you been to COlombia? have you really seen what the situation is like in Colombia? I bet you haven't. What you might hear from Colombia is just the bad side of it. This is a great country and it is not as dangerous as you might think. We're not animals like you say, your comment about colombia and its inhabitants shows a more animalistic, retrograde, and overall STUPID opinion.

  6. @LuisCaicedo I went to Colombia 2 years ago on business and it was a lovely beautiful country. Great friendly people nothing out of the ordinary. Your comment is absolutely correct. Greetings from California.

  7. wow todos veian a Pablo y Andres como unos heroes pq le dieron casas a los menos afortunados y todo eso pero eran criminales…

  8. The columbians excuse the evils of their cartel dictators.  Why?  Because they are greedy.  They deserve poverty…because they can't pull together and do what is just or right.

  9. A la hora de la verdad me parece algo inmoral lo que dice Pacho Maturana, en parte con sus declaraciones justifica la penetración y entrada de dineros del narcotráfico en el fútbol colombiano… Decepcionante que un ídolo para muchos colombianos por haber liderado una de las mejores selecciones, de lo más destacado que ha tenido el fútbol tan pobre de este país, piense así y en parte apoye un flagelo, que cómo él muy bien lo dijo, con sus tentáculos, ha penetrado todas las esferas económicas, políticas y sociales del país, cual cáncer haciendo metástasis en una sociedad como la de mi país Colombia… Mal ahí Maturana

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