Fabio Grosso's Goal 2006

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Fabio Grosso’s Goal on July 4th 2006. FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Italy V.S. Germany Extra Time.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Fabio Grosso's Goal 2006 and credited to cmac. Viewing time is 00:00:22, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. USA are poor in soccer and in any other sports… they don't win in any sport, even in basketball where they were "gods" they're losing continuously… they've a strange way of playing team sports: they're a group of rich individuals facing real teams and they will always lose that way.

    Moreover, they're so humble then when they win any national championship the team is automatically World Champion !!!

    just incredible

  2. yes maybe you're right but i still think that they could play a better way playing as team and not as individuals

  3. words words words…

    i love the comments that sound like
    "we're the good and you're the evil"

    shut up and play

  4. Maldito a some day algun dia ganara Alemania Germany Maldito hijo del diablo putos de mierda fabio grosso Maldito

  5. Maldito a some day algun dia ganara Alemania Germany Maldito hijo del diablo putos de mierda fabio grosso Maldito

  6. Buenissimo Grosso. Gracias a él y solo a él Italia ganó el mundial, la liada contra Australia, este gol y el penalty contra Francia, Italia es la mejor selección del mundo.

  7. non mi senno nemeno asetato i was still jumping around for the grosso goal and when i sat down the rest was history…..but it didnt end there

  8. I feel the same way completely. Late in extra time, penalty kicks looming. I've never been more thrilled in a single instant in my life than when Grosso scored this goal. The cherry on top a minute later with my all time favorite, Del Piero, making it 2-0. Greatest sporting moment indeed.

  9. the Italians wouldnt have even gotten to this stage in the tournament if they played fairly. i wouldnt be surprised if they practice diving in training sessions.

  10. @FGalaxie this is about football, why are you talking about race? im from germany by the way and support germany first and then australia. i dont know if you have noticed, but every country is becoming more multicultural. the only reason the italian national team only has italians is that nobody would give up their citizenship for an italian one. in your profile it says ur from australia. i reckon you're trying to take the piss

  11. i just realised this the video of italy vs germany. i thought it was the video of the italy vs australia dive

  12. I'm not a soccer fan (that's what we call it here in Canada) but I was glued to my tv watching this match. It was, without question, the best game I've ever seen. 120 minutes of up and down actions. So many opportunities for both teams until those 2 dramatic goals at the end. The players, from both teams, displayed just how great the game can be. I'm quite sure that the young German team learned a big lesson from this match as to what it takes to win and thus got hungry to win in 2010.

  13. The Italians had to strike late in extra time in this game otherwise if it went to penalties they would have definately lost.

  14. @ThomasStoeck I wouldn't take that way Jawarib1's comment: what he said applies to all nations and teams anyway. Globalization may be good and anyway it's a reality. But competitions where we stand for one party or team territorially rooted is not inspired by it, rather by opposite feelings of belonging to a place, culture, even race. Local pride. Then we could discuss whether this makes sense… . Anyway this match was the greatest I remember of the Italian team since the 80s. Grande…Grosso!!

  15. w?oscy pi?karze z 2006 s? dla mnie najlepsi (toni gillardino totti zambrotta grosso pirlo gattuso camoranesi perrotta del piero cannavaro inzaghi zaccardo)

  16. Hands down, one of the best games I've seen. I'm not a soccer fan but I was glued to the TV watching this epic game. It was back and forth throughout, with so many close calls on both ends. Then to have the game end on Grosso's dramatic call set up by Pirlo's brilliant pass along with Del Pierro's blazing run at the end was nothing short of sensational.

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