Crazy reaction to the final goal World Cup 2006

Watch – Crazy reaction to the final goal World Cup 2006

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Watch how crazy the Italians go on St.Claire st. Toronto after they win the cup. I must of been the only non-italian up in the place, …

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Crazy reaction to the final goal World Cup 2006 and credited to jigga01. Viewing time is 00:01:11, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @katy89able
    sooo funny!
    anyways this video gives me goosebumps, hopefully this happens in 2014, now go spain!

  2. unforgetable
    non lo dimenticherò mai
    vivo in germania e ero con italiani in una pizzeria e habiamo festeggiato come i pazzi!!! bellissimo

  3. i was in vacation in montreal canada to watch the whole world cup with my uncle and cousins. After the final we went downtown for a pizza, and tons of italians had flags on their cars every car was beeping nonstop it was so loud. a big bus filled with italy flags passed by. a couple of french fans took off their underwear and showed it to the italians.

  4. I balled my eyes out that day because I was so happy. Watching this makes me want to cry even more. Im so damn proud to be Italian 🙂

  5. I was lucky enough to be in Italy when they won, im telling you… get this and times it by 1000 and thats how loud the people were there. Lol like every goal you would hear the whole town roaring they would show fireworks then after they won it was so loud. So we went downtown and it was crazy people were singing the anthem and throwing water at people it was craaaazzyyy miss it.

  6. @Eoremar eccolo qua è arrivato il Lord inglese…santo cielo che avranno mai fatto di così "sguaiato"….hanno esultato!!Con passione…e che cavolo se ogni tanto non si festeggia nella vita…siamo italiani quindi passionali…non mi sembra abbiano preso a sediate il pub e abbiano sfasciato vetri…

  7. I remember this night, I was crying like a child, its been a very long time to see my Azzurri lift that damn cup again… GRAZIE!

    Cheers from Indonesia.

  8. Hi. My name is Dino and I am a video editor from Montreal. I am working on a documentary on hockey and Montreal Italians. In our script, we have a mention of the 2006 World FIFA celebrations and how crazy they were (I remember). I was wondering if we may get your permission to use some of your shots with audio. You will most probably get a thank you credit at the end of the show.

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