Golden Zidane!

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Zinedine ZidaneI am so happy for Zidane on winning the Golden Ball Award. France would never reach the finals without Zidane who powered his country right after the group stage. He seldom showed any semblance prior to the group of 16 which does not matter, because legends and the greatest players play and get paid for the biggest games of the tournament. Come to think of it, Zidane being the captain allowed his teammates to build confidence prior to the group stage without dominating and being the center of attention. He used his teammates’ growth and confidence to support him in beating their opponent’s en-route to the finals.

Against Spain he played superbly well leading his team in play by controlling the midfield and get past the round and reach the final 8.

Who would have guessed or routed other than France that they would beat the invincible Brazilian side. He dominated the game running past younger players, making dazzling dribbles that left his defenders eating his dust, setting up Henry for that perfect shot on a free kick.

Portugal was no match for France and with Zidane scoring on a penalty kick they were assured for the final.

Zidane set the tone early by scoring on a penalty kick to give France the lead and at the same time held the team’s composure throughout the game even when Patrick Vieira went out of injury. Without Frank Ribery and Thierry Henry substituted, Zidane made sure France played at the same level.

His red card exit may have caused them the win; but still their dominance on Italy throughout the game was all because of Zidane.

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  1. […] There are speculations that if proven guilty, FIFA may strip Zidane of his Golden Ball Award. That’s not right, and it doesn’t make his performance less. […]

  2. I hope FIFA is fair enough to punish Materazzi for provoking Zidane. Please do not strip Zidane of his Golden Ball Award, there will a huge cry and worldwide uproar of unfairness.

  3. Zidane is great!!! Italy won not because they are stronger, it was a pure luck. France is a stronger team and they deserved to win. I hope Fifa doesn’t punish Zidane farther. not winning the world cup is already enough punishment.
    Zidane is great and he deserves the Golden Ball award!!!

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