World Deserves Zidane’s Headbutt

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Zinedine Zidane

Classic Zidane. Albeit he’s calm and shy persona lie a true warrior who descended from Algeria ruled by France for 132 years, born in French soil and grew in a tough environment outside Marseilles. Because of Zidane, Algeria learned to blind themselves from France’s doing, forgave and loved their country all because of the maestro.

The world cup is the greatest sporting event in the world, but a one man’s journey towards restoring love on a country whose rulers were hated for all memory is bigger than the extra time of a finals game.

Remember the movie Rambo who tried to live a peaceful life only to be realized that you can run away from war and aggression but you cannot take away all these things from him?

Zidane would not headbutt Marco Materazzi for nothing, until an official word is sent out people speculate that Materazzi told Zidane he was a “dirty terrorist”; also, Italy singled out Zidane and made life hell for him. He isn’t a diver neither an actor, but he was definitely bullied all throughout the game.

He is a fighter and if a racial insult was thrown at him, I would not blame Zidane. He grew up in a very tough environment and nobody could take out the toughness in him.

With all the media frenzy right now, I doubt Materazzi or any Italian side will admit any untoward incident they handed Zidane. They ain’t Zidane who is not afraid to defend himself and stand for what he believes in. His 14 red cards and sending off in 1998 tell you beneath the calm demeanor lies a warrior who have been bruised by time and would not let anyone stomp on him.

The World Cup Finals is smaller than Algerian rolled over by arrogant superpowers. His headbutt is smaller than the so called patriotism of terrorists bombing buildings. It’s peanuts compared to the number of people killed, raped and abused in Iraq for the last year or so.

Was the Act justifiable?

I am no saint and I won’t pretend I would not act on the same manner on an extreme emotional circumstance. A thin line is drawn between being a role model for children who were watching the games, or being a role model showing the world what toughness is all about against opportunistic, power grabbing people or nation.

Zidane took the latter which very few in our generation would. I truly admire and respect Zidane, the patriot.

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  1. Definitely correct way to deal with arrogant superpower!
    World Cup is too small compare to your dignity, your pride and most of all your belief!

  2. How true! According to the professional lip-readers, Materazzi called him a dirty terrorist and other players testified that Materazzi insulted his sister and mother. Materazzi denied saying this with the remark, “I’m ignorant, I don’t even know what the word terrorist means.” The details will be forthcoming. This is not an excuse, but I wonder how often white NBA or NFL players still use racial epithets to provoke their opponents. I’m curious, that’s all. In any case Materazzi is known as being one of the dirtiest players in his league. Just google in Materazzi and see how much hatemail this guy has. Way before the World Cup. As the French trainer said with a touch of incredulous humor,” It’s amazing how all these Italian players are so big and strong, yet they fall over like leaves in a light breeze as soon as you breathe on them:”

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  4. Brembo — Same here, and come to think of it Zidane’s mother is in the hospital and according to reports Materazzi insulted his mother.

  5. Michael — ,” It’s amazing how all these Italian players are so big and strong, yet they fall over like leaves in a light breeze as soon as you breathe on them:” Really? that’s funny.

    I beleive Nasty things are said on the field, I too have been nasty while playing football or basketball and try to get in the head of the opponent, I grew up looking up on Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley on the NBA.

    Though I have never used any personal attack nor racial comments. I would attack them trashing their style of play or downplaying their scoring or certain skills. I keep it at that.

  6. I told him he will lose the match that is how he will be remembered then he was mad and hit me in the chest. I think he is how you say SUCK cannot get his way with another penalty shot like earlier in the match and against Portugal in the previous game. hmm wonder what side the refs were on. Too bad France forgot to payoff the ref’s assistant who called the headbutt.

    Why is everyone always jealous of Italians.

  7. materazzi – I ain’t jealous of Italians. It so happened they won this time around. And everyone is somehow jealous of anyone that wins momentarily.

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  9. >> if a racial insult was thrown at him

    Well, now we know it was not.

    So? What do we do now? Who are we going to blame now?

    All this fussing and this anger and now we discovered it was just a normal insult? Now what can we find to justify our poor hero for his actions?

    Hey but maybe we can call it a “provocation”! It sounds, you know, more nasty and vicious. Ok, good idea. Just ignore the fact that Zidane himself said he hadn’t had any problem with Materazzi until the incident, people will not notice these things anyway.

    And, well he did say it twice, so it’ “repeated”! A “repeated provocation”!!! Sounds great!

    And our beloved Zizu said it was just about “the females of his family” so we can invent what we want, we have to choose, I mean it was probably the sister, you know the dirty italians do say “your sister!” often to reply to provocations, but maybe it’s not enough, maybe his mother would be better.. Yes! beloved mommy in hospital.. yes…
    Or even both! Pure genious! We may say he has insulted both mother AND sister!

    It sounds ridiculous? A little… Someone insulting mother and sister together, “Your mommy does this AND your sister did that!” in a football filed is a bit strange,.. but I’m confident, just please, please, we must remember NEVER to use the word OR in sentences like “Mother or sister”, Never! We will always use the “and”, and write it always in capital letters, to make it weight more.

    So what we got now?

    “A repeated provocation about his Mother AND sister”!!!

    Yes. Yes. That is perfect. Enouth for butt-heading anyone. Fully justifying the act.

    Fully justifying the pride with which our whole nation has accepted our football star and with which our president Chirac has congratulated with him for the wonderful reply to a vile “repeated provocation about his Mother AND sister”, not against one of our beloved French countrymen but on a vile italian vicious pathetic ugly italian (said that already?) cheater.

    Now if only FIFA could do us a little favour, by punishing the ugly italian a bit and not punishing our Zizu boy much, then we would give the world a real example of good military machism, so our children will know how to handle all those delicate things like, you know, the palestinian and israeli problems, the afghan situation, Iraq and so on.

    And maybe this can also be useful to us, to ease the pain of loosing the World Cup a little, you know we are not very good at loosing, we hardling can stand it… but that’s normal for us of course, as ve are soo damn GOOD at everything, so PROUD of ourselves, that loosing is just an injustice! And seeing our beloved hero, sent out so rudely for a naive thing like a butt-head in the chest, was so unpolite, really, we deserved the cup, really it should be ours. Mine. Ours. Mine. I NEED the cup. Really I deserve it, it muust be miiineeee… Give it to me I want it it’s mine you italians my cup I want gimme cheaters….. uaaaahhhhh! cup…

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