Joe Cole Incredible Goal Against Sweden in World Cup 2006

Watch – Joe Cole Incredible Goal Against Sweden in World Cup 2006

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Amazing long range volley from Joe Cole. Sweden tries to clear England’s attack, but Cole traps it off his chest and sends a high-arcing, spinner to the top-right …

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Joe Cole Incredible Goal Against Sweden in World Cup 2006 and credited to tahoe5280. Viewing time is 00:01:30, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. that one looks like Danish Dahl Tomassons goal agaist Sweden in group c's most important game at European Championship in Portugal 2004. 😀

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  3. ffs who cares about the commentators every time i see a football video it has stupid comments cant we just talk about the goal instead! btw that was a great goal.

    no21 is crouch

  4. Erm, i'm very sure you never heard AndrĂ©s Montes, Kiko NarvĂĄez, Julio Salinas, Antonio Esteva comments… don't be just xenophobic…

  5. Lol, Spanish 'commentators' are the best, similar to portuguese or italians… britanic, irish, french, german… they are fuckin boring, sometimes u dunno when a striker scores the goal… they just say 'Goal', and nothin more. I saw the Eurocup final on Ireland and that was fuckin ashamin…

  6. I'm American and I love the British commentary. The British announcers are SO articulate and have a great vocabulary.

    People should lay off the American commentators here, yeah they suck, but the people doing the work rarely do football games.

  7. No, a half volley is when a player strikes the ball after it boucnes, regardless of when he strikes it. A volley is when he strikes the ball on the full without it bouncing. But this was a volley cause he chested it and struck it without it bouncing.

  8. If Cole was Spanish or Dutch they'd build their whole team around him. Here in England we stick him out on the left or some shit just because he's talented enough to make do. Such a waste.

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