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Ronaldo Is Axed!

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“Ronaldo Is Axed!” is the headline we should be reading in the coming days. Ronaldo’s star status should no longer be used as a reason to keep him on the field. He is obviously fat and making people sick. I have nothing against him, in fact I like the guy so much and have followed him throughout his career. But looking deeper into my football passion, I came to realize it transcends far more than any one player.

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Brazil’s Single Name Tradition

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Have you ever thought how come Brazilial players are known for their first name like Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Robinho, and so on? In a post by Nick found here via againagain says that the use of the first name could have it’s roots in the slave system where people referred to these slaves using their first name.

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World Cup Diary: Brazil

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Brazil FIFA World Cup Below is a diary of all games played by Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2006.

Last Updated: June 19, 2006

Date Played: June 13, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Croatia
Scorer/s: Kaka (44′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Kaka

A minute before half-time and Kaka scored the only goal of the match that saw a second half of frustration from a gutsy and tough Croatian side.

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Ronaldo Makes Me Sick

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I cannot believe how a talent like Ronaldo would show up overweight in the greatest sporting event in the world. The 1996, 1997 and 2002 World Footballer of the Year was a disgrace in the first game against Croatia with Kaka providing the only goal for the team. Brazil’s below expectation performance and Argentina’s spectacular showing are tipping the scale of the World Cup Finals.

After Sunday’s game Ronaldo was blasted across the Brazilian press with headlines:

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Video: Brazil vs Croatia

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Date Played: June 13, 2006 (Group Stage)

Below is a video of the FIFA World Cup 2006 game between Brazil vs Croatia. Kaka was the only one who scored a goal throughout the game on the 44th minute.

The world expected more but we have to give credit to Croatia who are playing excellent football right. Brazil needs to focus on their next games and we will see a more dominant team playing.

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Speeding Ronaldo

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Over at BBC a picture of Ronaldo in FIFA World Cup 2002 was posted showing his lean frame in what seemed to be in a speeding motion.

Photographer Ross Kinnaird has this to say (see picture here):

Football…Brazil…Ronaldo – it doesn’t get any better, especially if you’re a sports photographer covering the World Cup finals. Taking pictures of the best footballers in the world and seeing them in print is a massive buzz. You’re so close to the action you can hear a metatarsal crack. All my mates want to swap places with me! This Ronaldo picture shows power and speed in an arty kind of way. Shooting from the stands allows you to see shapes and patterns set against the green grass. I wanted to capture him running from left to right because it looks better in print. To get the shot spot on, I wanted Ronaldo on his own (he’s always tightly marked and not always in the action) so I needed to concentrate on more than just watching the game. It’s all worth the effort when it comes off though! —- Ross Kinnaird

Ronaldo is not as lean as he was four years ago. How fast can we go today?

More Player Profile over at Soccerati.

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Brazilian Feast

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Is there going to be a repeat of this in a month’s time?

FIFA World Cup Brazil The sight of my favorite team winning is tremendous. Four years ago I was going crazy over Ronaldo’s performance but when Ronaldinho made that free kick I knew four years after he is going to lead Brazil. The kid has grown into a player more than I expected. His wizardry and development is awesome and playing in FC Barcelona gave him a big lift in his skill sets.

It would still be interesting to see how Ronaldo performs in the World Cup Finals.

FIFA World Cup Brazil

Who among them leads Brazil in scoring doesn’t matter. All it matters is to celebrate similar to the picture.

Source: CNNSI and Joga

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England Kicks Brazilians

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Who Ate All the Bratwurst has posted about a site dedicated to telling us who are the boys that will beat Brazil. Guess what! It’s the England. Do you agree anyone is going to kick the Brazilians in this tournament? Of all the teams, England?

In an excerpt:

What if the FA tried to secretly clone the heroes of 1966 to save England from football obscurity?

What if the experiment succeeded, and they are somewhere out there, waiting to reclaim a forgotten glory?

Find out in The Boys to Beat Brazil, the explosive new novel that makes The Da Vinci Code feel like being stuck in a lift with David Pleat.

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FIFA Confederations Cup 2005

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It has been a blast so far and FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 does not disappoint:

Read the original post:
FIFA Confederations Cup 2005

FIFA Confederations Cup Shopping

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Profile: Ronaldo

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Believed to be the greatest striker in the world, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima, was born on September 22, 1976 at Bento Ribero (Rio de Janeiro,Brasil).

The deadliest striker is a combination of both skill and unmatched speed that makes him the last person you want to give a sight at goal; for it shall hit the back of the net more often than you can imagine. His technical soundness for the game has torched so many goalies including extraordinaire Oliver Khan in World Cup 2002 where he scored two goals.

He is a classic example of someone from the remote region and of remote possibilities of success that rose to world elite status.

He is so poor while growing up that he could not even afford the bus fare to play for Flamengo who did not actually pay for the expense. Below is the list of team he played for as taken from

1988 – Aged 12 years Ronaldo signs for Social Ramos
1990 – Signs Professional Contract, Social Ramos
1991 – Sao Cristovoa – 2nd. Division, Brazil
1993 – Cruzeiro – 1st. Division, Brazil
1994 – PSV Eindhoven – Netherlands
1996 – Barcelona – Spain
1997 – Inter Milan – Italy
2002 – Real Madrid – Current Club

His career is decorated with lots of glory as well as setbacks, which has a lot to do with the injuries he suffered. Being the warrior he is, he kept on coming back from one injury to another to get more goals and more glory.

His finals convulsion in 1998 against France followed by career threatening injury did not stop him from reclaiming glory during the 2002 World Cup that made him the only player to score two goals against the formidable Oliver Kahn.

Some of the most notable awards he has received are found below:

Dutch Cup – 1996
FIFA World Player of the Year – ’96, ’97, ’02
European Footballer of the Year – ’97
European Player of the Year – ’02
World Cup 2002 Top Scorer – 8 goals

Who would not want to be the guy growing from rags to riches like Ronaldo. A dream come true. Not to mention his exotic girlfriend despite his not-so-handsome appearance. Ooop!

Nevertheless, the world needs someone like you!



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