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Ronaldinho is bitter in World Cup Loss & Snubs Zidane

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Can you just imagine the media frenzy that exploded right after Zidane’s headbutt followed by the world talking about the incident for both football and non-football fans alike? His headbutt move is found everywhere from televisions, posters, screensavers, pop-ups even in non-football forums where users use a gif photo showing his headbutt move as their icons.

Not for Ronaldinho who admits he has never seen that moment nor any other news after they lost to France.

He is bitter about their loss and hid himself far away from the world back by retreating to his roots at the southern Brazilian town of Porto Alegre.

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Carlos Parreira is Happy to Land a Job

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Carlos Alberto ParreiraCarlos Alberto Parreira is definitely all smiles after he signed a four-year deal to coach South Africa in World Cup 2010. This is definitely a better job than what was first offered to him — manage World Cup Finals of 2010. There is no glory in acting as administrator of the greatest sport in the world. Carlos wants to be on the sidelines with player not on some seat high above where the action is.

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Now Brazil has More Excuses than Results

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Brazil FIFA World CupDunga remained true to his word that local players shall be given a chance for a slot on Brazil National Team which was traditionally reserved for European players by leaving out Ronaldinho, Adriano, Kaka and Ronaldo, Cafu and Emerson; the only players chosen from World Cup 2006 squad were Cicinho, Fred, Gilberto, Gilberto Silva, Juan, Lucio, Luisao and Robinho.

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Brazil video on: Brazil – World Cup 2006

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It has been a blast so far and FIFA World Cup 2010 Brazil does not disappoint:

Brazil – World Cup 2006 Brazil Highlights World Cup 2006 From: scott7886 Views: 221515 432 ratings Time: 06:38 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Brazil:

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Brazil video on: Brazil – World Cup 2006

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I’m still bleeding for Brazil

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Brazil FIFA World Cup

Newspapers, friends, websites, etc. everyone talks about the unexpected defeat of Brazil. I feel the pain, my heart continous to bleed for seeing them exit at the quarterfinals and the thought of watching four teams in the semi-finals without their green and yellow color is unbearable.

In the first half when Zidane clearly outplayed, outwitted the samba team, I could sense the butcher floating around waiting to crush Brazil straight to the ground.

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Results (Round of 8): Brazil vs France

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Brazil France Zidane Thierry World CupZidane. Henry. Old and Young. The passing of the torch came at the expense of FIFA World Ranked number 1, Brazil, after Thierry scored the winning goal for France on the 62nd minute.

Zidane outplayed, outmatched the entire Brazilian team playing as if it was the 1998 World Cup Finals where Zizou delivered the killing plays to kick Brazil out of the tournament.

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Results (2nd Stage): Brazil vs Ghana

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Brazil Ghana World Cup1. Ronaldo goal 2. Adriano goal. 3. Dida’s successive goal saves 4. Ze for the icing.

Ronaldo once again showed why he is the deadliest striker in the world by breaking into the history books once again as the highest goal scorer in FIFA World Cup Finals. He overtook Gerd Muller’s record to get his 15th goal in the 5th minute of the game.

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Preview (2nd Stage): Brazil vs Ghana

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FIFA World Cup BrazilA superpower in football, Brazil is the heavy favorites to crush a newcomer named Ghana though impression is far from reality. Brazil is yet to show some dominating and convincing wins to solidify fans’ impression that Ghana is a walk in the park match.

How will Brazil win the game? — with lots of bruises.

Brazil have been impressive against Japan where they played their reserves except for Ronaldo who used that game to build his confidence and probably lose some fat.

If Brazil plays to their potential then they should have no problem advancing to the next round after this; but if not they will be going through a rough night against a hard hitting opponent as Ghana.

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Brazil Shift 1 of 16

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The final 16 of the tournament has been decided and we have seen some teams meeting our expectations while some were big surprises in the tournament.

The biggest losers were led by United States ranked number 5 by FIFA and Czech Republic seated at number 2 prior the start of the competition. We have also seen some higher rank teams like Japan (18), Tunisia (21), Iran (23), Croatia (23), etc… left behind by Switzerland (35), Ecuador (39), Australia (42), Ukraine (45) and Ghana (48).

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Ronaldo Is unAxed!

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RonaldoThe other day I surrendered all my belief in my super hero expecting him to be axed from the lineup. He proved me wrong and he may look into my eyes and laugh as loud as he can while insulting me for all I care. Deep inside I am relieved and happy for what he did and where he is right now — Ronaldo is all smiles and looks rejuvenated after he scored two goals, trying Gerd Muller’s record of 14 goals in FIFA World Cup Finals enroute to a Brazil win against Japan that moves them past the group stage.

That is a great achievement for the superstar who for the past weeks was the laughing stock of the media from newspapers, magazines, blogs, website news and even in street conversations across the world.

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