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FIFA World Cup breaking report on Brazil follows:

Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 www worldcup2014brazil info Seventeen cities showed interest in being chosen as World Cup host cities:São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Brasília, Belém, Campo Grande, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Manaus, Natal, Recife/Olinda (a stadium will be shared by both cities), Rio Branco and Salvador. Maceió withdrew in January 2009. According to current FIFA practice, no more than one city may use two stadia, and the number of host cities is limited between eight and ten. The Brazilian Confederation already requested permission to assign twelve cities hosting World Cup Finals. On 26 December 2008, FIFA gave the green light to the 12-city plan. he Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) estimates that the cost of construction and remodeling of stadiums alone will be over $1.1 billion US, or some £550 million. In addition to the stadium upgrades and renovations, there will be millions more spent on basic infrastructure needs to get the country ready. All of this will be a boom for foreign investment in the country and make it more attractive for those who wish to buy their own home in Brazil. When informed of the decision to host the tournament, CBF President Ricardo Teixeira said We are a civilized nation, a nation that is going through an excellent phase, and we have got everything prepared to receive adequately the honor to organize an excellent World Cup. Teixeira was on hand at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland when the announcement was made. Over the … From: aojweb Views: 238 1 ratings Time: 02:55 More in Entertainment

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Brazil:

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Brazil video on: Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 www worldcup2014brazil info

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