Match & Result: Brazil vs Korea DPR (15 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Brazil vs Korea DPR (15 Jun 2010)Winner: Brazil
Score: Brazil(2) vs Korea DPR(1)
55′ Maicon (1), Brazil
72′ Elano (1), Brazil
89′ J. Yun Nam (1), Korea DPR


Brazil is too cocky as they quickly turned the gas pedal on where Elano got to see the goal for a chance to score which just went off target. A few seconds after Robinho had his chance it went wide. Brazil is getting a lot of possession on the first ten minutes of the game. Korea’s first shot on goal came on the 11th minutes where J. Tae Se shoots it up but was a great save by Julio Cesar of Brazil.

Brazil controlled the game and already had three corner kicks before Korea got their first corner kick on the 29th minute.

Throughout the game Brazil took their time setting up play from midfield where Korea DPR wasn’t challenging and was waiting for them on a stone wall defense. Korea patiently waiting for Brazil to attack, challenge and run for a counterattack.

This is a frustrating first half for Brazil where people expected them to have score a goal or two. I admittedly dismissed Korea from my pre-game analysis of Brazil vs Korea DPR. I expected Brazil to score 5 to 8 goals for the game.

When second half came, Brazil continued with getting the possession and controlling the tempo of the game. Brazil had a chance to score on a free kick from top of the key. Brazil scored 11 goals directly from free kick and other team has had more. Robinho shot the free kick from top of the box but was wide left.

Brazil then exploded in joy on the 55th minute when Maicon scored a goal from the right of the key. Video found here — Match & Result: Brazil vs Korea DPR Maicon Scores first Goal for Brazil.

On the 72th another goal by Elano gave Brazil 2 points. The video is found here — Match & Result: Brazil vs Korea DPR Elano Scores second Goal for Brazil.

On the 89th minute Korea stunned everyone when J. Yun Nam scored a goal and Korea was celebrating triumphantly. The video is found here — Match & Result: Brazil vs Korea DPR J. Yun Nam Scores first Goal for Korea DPR.

Key Takeaway

Korea was dismissed early on where Brazil was expected to make one goal after the other against Korea. Korea DPR is the lowest ranking team in FIFA World Cup and the five time World Cup champions Brazil should have an easy win. As it turned out, Korea DPR stayed with the team powered by high profile players in Robinho, Kaka, Luis Fabiano.

There was a lot of pressure for Brazil to score and they had a sigh of relief when did so in the second half. Brazil was looking to close with 2 goals ahead of South Korea when the Asian team scored on t
he 89th minute.

Brazil with all its power could only get a 1 goal lead which shows the potential of the Korea DPR. Group G just became a lot more interesting.

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