World Cup 2022: Should Japan's goal have stood?

Watch – World Cup 2022: Should Japan's goal have stood?

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled World Cup 2022: Should Japan's goal have stood? and credited to Sky Sports News. Viewing time is 00:04:12, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Then why not same method is used to decide throw ins. Football is a game of domino effects. Even a simple throw could change the end results of a match.

  2. Three levels of intelligence in the comments:
    Level 1: You understand the concept of “the ball has crossed the line in its entirety” as per FIFA regulations – which does not mean the ball needs to touch the line
    Level 2: You know that the viewing angle plays a major role – so if a ball looks “slightly still in” seen from an angle of the goal line inwards of the field, it will be clearer in.
    Level 3: You know that you cannot judge from just ONE picture. You need to look frame per frame.

    POV: You cannot judge by this picture alone, but the fact that FIFA did not release the filmed sequence although they clearly have it speaks volumes. My impression is supported by the fact that the picture shows the ball being deformed by the foot. This suggests that it had crossed the line before. Bonus question: Would they admit it? You be the judge ?

  3. 99.97% percent of the ball it out…
    How can you say the ball it s in play?
    After the player touches the ball, he moves it out again…

  4. i honestly believed all these years that a ball would still be inside only if half of its diameter is still inside, which can only happen if the bottom part of the ball still touches the line. (in football, the line is of course painted inside unlike in basketball).

    so, i must be wrong.

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  6. This 22nd century don't underestimate our Asian countries how can say Spain and Germany is top forget 19th century this is new ERA……

  7. Can someone please explain to the Japanese fans that its ok to have more than one song to sing at the WC thanks.

  8. you can put a paper-thin standing there at the borderline; if the paper touches the ball, the ball is in. Well, you can say the ball was out, but it's more like a reward for the effort to keep going forward until the last seconds is the true sport spirit we all need.

  9. It’s too bad because two highly favorite teams will be playing each other in the playoffs when they should’ve been playing each other for the final

  10. Is that why Japan is out once again in the round of 16???? I love how all you pvssies were like omg Japan beats spain and Germany wha an achievement ?? only to get sent home on the same round ast las WC?

  11. Even if it had been out (which it wasn’t), that’s not the reason why Spain lost. Spain lost because they failed to do anything with their possession. Created few goal scoring chances. Same reason they deservedly lost today. I’m glad these top teams aren’t getting the special treatment they normally get.

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