The Most Controversial World Cup Goal Celebration

Watch – The Most Controversial World Cup Goal Celebration

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2002’s video summary and description

When Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored the equalising and winning goals for Switzerland against Serbia at the 2018 …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled The Most Controversial World Cup Goal Celebration and credited to HITC Sevens. Viewing time is 00:25:04, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Lol , "1389" how about 7th century? There were 0 slavs in the balkans at that time. Kosovo was called Dardania before the slavs invaded.

  2. Just a warning for viewers. This video is complete bullshit. Don’t listen to the Western propaganda of this foreigner who thinks he gets to comment on our Balkan politics. He clearly went on Wikipedia which contains Western propaganda.

  3. i am croat , and the most dummest shit that no one is talking about is how both serbian and albanian flag HAVE SAME FUCKING TWO HEAD EAGLE , SAME GYPSIE SHIT . dont know why the fuck r they fighting

  4. Oh the community is interested. Who's not interested in justice and self determination? Can you imagine living in a world where you aren't allowed to protest percieved past injustices? Why FIFA still exists is an mindblowing example of the level of corruption that exists in our geopolitics.

  5. It seems the narrator paints a rather rosy picture of the EU….
    Kosovo, among other countries, have been waiting as a `candidate` to join the EU for over TWENTY years….Turkey has been waiting as a `candidate` for over THIRTY years….the reason…the EU love taking other countries money and want only net contributors to join the bloc (Which is mainly the reason the EU are loathe to let the UK leave!)….so being a `candidate` means ZILCH if you have no money!
    Which brings into play the `magnanimous` gesture from the EU to `fast-track` Ukraine into `candidacy` to join….Ukraine has nil money and never will once Russia has finished levelling the country so will never EVER be a net contributor. Ukraine not so long ago wanted to make a deal with the EU under their democratically elected president…..the EU ummed and arred for so long, the president started dealing with Russia, which eventually had him overthrown by a US sponsored coup leaving eventually US puppet Zelensky as president. Turkey waited so long to join the EU eventually making the deal to align with Russia…..
    The EU is being run by unelected people and being run like a loony left wing local council….and as we all know, eventually the left wing run out of other people`s money……

  6. More to that than you grazed. Yugoslavia did not want to give up the communist ways even though the countrymen were at peace. The west pushed and pushed. Kosovo has a huge amount of natural resources. Who wanted said resources? Soros. Who bombed Yugoslavia? Clinton. It just keeps going and going.

  7. The drone didn't carry Kosovo flag, but the "Great Albania" flag, including Kosovo and 3 more countries' teritories in it (Montenegro, N. Macedonia and Greece)

  8. It baffles me that people will start fights, riots and wars, including shooting children in the head, over a bit of land, a flag, or in the name of "religion" (the biggest killer on earth)

  9. Thanks again for a great upload Alfie, and thumbs up for so many intelligent comments I have read about it!!

  10. Non capisco se il giocatore di origini albanesi è mussulmano? se lo è fa una bellissima cosa a portare la croce sulla maglia forza Svizzera

  11. Isn't time for everyone to grow up! 'Ethnicity' is all a load of bollocks! An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind! Are you not tired of this nonsense? It's like a bunch of toddlers crying to mummy! We all evolved from a common ancestor. Take your heads out of your arses, take a look at 'the pale blue dot' and get a bit of perspective!

  12. I gotta say your the most honest person I ever met online amazing YouTube. I wish the world knew how much Albanians went thru, from 500 years of Turks now Serbians. Long live ?????? history is never forgotten we were in that land since day 1. They came down from Russia. Serbians ruin the whole Yugoslavia don’t believe me ask the Croatians Bosnians.

  13. No hate to none side. And I am not with neither Serbia ro Switzerland, but I don't understand why Albanians play for the Switzerland team

  14. What a video this is, Alfie. I'm doing a 6000 word essay soon and I'm choosing the Yugoslav Wars to write about. This video is a great help to my research and also, its a HITC sevens video so it's very pleasantly easy to take in.

  15. Srbija ima neškolovanu,neciviliziranu vladu svadjaju se sa svim susjedima u Europi modernom dobu radili su genocid u Bosni,Hrvatskoj,a 70tih godina su gazili tenkovima žene i dijecu na Kosovu,gazili i ubijali sve sto nije srbsko.Pri?i ?e godina da se oni kao nacija civilizuju.

  16. 17:32 it wasn't a Kosovo flag, it was a flag with a map of "Greater Albania", a nationalist concept claiming territories of neighbouring countries as part of Albania.

  17. Shut the hell up,noone can't deny our simbols our identity, we are albanians as simple as that you like it or not,serbs they use 3 fingers and noone blame on them

  18. And, what is a problem with double-headed eagle which Shaqiri shows? Kosovo is a part of Serbia with Albanian majority, but who had their own national country, so they only can be minority in Serbia! West made, like when Third Reich occupied Yugoslavia, Great Albania, but in form of two countries Albania and Kosova. Double-headed eagle was a symbol of West and East Roman Empire, than symbol of symphony between political power and spiritual power of east orthodox church in Byzantium! That is an origin of double-headed eagle on Serbian and Russian flag, both orthodox nations. Double-headed black eagle on Albanian flag doesn't mean anything. Black duble-headed eagle is Austrian symbol of power given by political way and from the pope! Then it was a symbol of double Austrian an Hungarian monarchy! Albanian flag invented Austro-Hungaria, that is the origin of black double-headed eagle on Albanian flag, when Austro-Hungaria has made nation from Albanian tribes in XX century. Double-headed eagle on Albanian flag doesn't mean anything!!!!!! There is also interesting story about TWO UKRAINAS: UKRAINA and Serbian Republic of KRAINA – two centuries existed military border (krajna) in Habsburg monarchy in which lived Serbian majority as a soldiers, but were victims of genocide in Croat Independent State and finally were victims of the biggest ethnic cleansing after WW 2 without a verdict by any court !!!!

  19. People say keep politics out of football but yet England team and the premier league have been taken the knee now for nearly 3years and no one says anything about it haha

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