England set for Wembley stadium ban as UEFA consider punishment for Euro 2020 Final crowd trouble

Watch – England set for Wembley stadium ban as UEFA consider punishment for Euro 2020 Final crowd trouble

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled England set for Wembley stadium ban as UEFA consider punishment for Euro 2020 Final crowd trouble and credited to Sky Sports News. Viewing time is 00:05:19, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: "the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left".

  2. Why are uefa doing it, that won’t be for another year as now we’re in a Fifa tournament

  3. Does it really matter what the Hungarians did? Stop passing the blame you pathetic losers. We were given responsibility in the final and we blew it, embarrassed ourselves infront of the world yet agian. England are playing? Oh it must be time to get drunk and act like a C**t.

  4. Should just continue playing football behind closed doors, it was better that way anyway with fake crowd noise.

  5. Easy solution we need some of the old RUC officers with baton rounds and clubs to sort out unruly fans in and around stadiums. They wouldn't take any nonsense from hooligans!

  6. Throwing things on the pitch? Those monsters. At least the world cup is going to be held in a place where people respect each other. Good old Qatar.

  7. About damn time, glad they finally agreed with the FA on what punishment England are willing to accept… it wasn’t an easy negotiation.
    Sky have done an excellent job reading out the narrative after much preparation.

  8. so let me get this right there banning supporters that paid high price for tickets but wont ban teams and countries for rasist abuse UEFA AND FIFA really need to have a good look at themselfs

  9. Sky sports news has been flooding the channel with bad behaviour reports of England opponents fans since this incident. England fans at the Euros final were disgraceful. Wembley/FA hiring agency staff to steward it also was ridiculous and unsafe. Well deserved.

  10. of course the majority will be punished because of the minority, when it comes to racism they dont seem as harsh. lets punish the fans because the f.a cant run a piss up in a brewery

  11. Playing behind closed door is an advantage, no away fans, you you still get a few english fans in. Only loss is revenue loss, so just fine the teams double and leave stadiums open

  12. Totally disgraceful that the English press is not reporting on other cases of hooliganism from across Europe. Instead promoting the narrative that all English fans are hooligans which is not true.

  13. Love how everyone flames England yet every other country are also responsible, bloody hypocrites need to pull their heads out their arses first

  14. Oooo! that's tellin 'em…a whole one match…well, Louts won't be doing that again, after such a harsh punishment. The whole World will now sit up and take notice on how England deal with trouble makers and none of them will ever be naughty again……The next thing will be FA's, FIFA, Uefa, etc. asking the question…"I wonder why we are still having trouble at Stadiums?"

  15. Hahaha! Where are the Russian fans when you need them! They had you running like little children. I would love to see that again! ?

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