Denmark Qualifies for World Cup 2022!

Watch – Denmark Qualifies for World Cup 2022!

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DBU #WCQ Congrats to Denmark on qualifying for next years world cup! They are simply balling at the moment it really is amazing to see!! Let me know in the …

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled Denmark Qualifies for World Cup 2022! and credited to Michael Talks Football. Viewing time is 00:06:37, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Big up Michael ? Maehle, Dolberg & Christensen have been immense along with Delaney for me. They cover 4 important positions consistently. Great video ?

  2. Maehle is really looking like a striker in front of goal he is really an interesting wingback to look out for.

  3. people talk about the perfect record. 8 wins is ok, with these teams in group F it's ok.. not fantastic… 27 goals, that's decent, but other teams score a lot too in harder groups.

    0 goals conceeded is great, really hard to accomplish, even in a mediocre group, all it takes is one slip in defense or a lucky strike from a random person.

    but what nobody seems to know is that Denmark has defended so well that only 4 shots against them hit the target. so they basicly allowed noone to even attempt a goal, now THAT i don't think any other nation will ever come close to achieving.

    another thing is that some teams have 1 star attacker who scores most goals, like Ronaldo, hard to stop, but if you have a solid defense, portugal looses. Denmark has 17 different goal scores, try and stop that 🙂

    the recent euros showed that after the Eriksen shock and the finland game, that they, a few days later completely dominated and was ahead of Belgium at halftime, later on, destroyed their next opponents. and it took a seriously questionable penalty vs england and their obnoxious lazer pointing fans, a lucky riposte on a failed penalty to stop them.

    they could go far in the world cup for sure. But, football is so unpredictable.

  4. When you talk about the key players of denmark in the video you are only talking about the attacking players. Observe that the key in the danish team is the collective and the will to defend. In my point of you, one of the players who can make a hugh impact on the team is Jannick Vestergaard because he is actually a defender who can play with his feet and he does not have a weak foot. Vestergaards move to Leicester might make him able to improve his game and he can therefore be a bigger threat to the oppenent. But this is just a theory. It is still a little too early to dicide.
    Great Video Michael

  5. I got to see Denmark play in Israel in the stadium at the beginning of the campaign, Eriksen was still healthy, they are really well trained team that just knows what it is doing on the field.
    Maybe their players are not at the level of Brazil, Belgium and France but they are trained so good so they can compete against those team equaliy .

  6. As a Danish fan I am proud of my country Denmark…. People talk about it’s a easy group but did they forget that Austria played overtime against italy and Skotland Got a draw agsint England ….the two teams In the fina? so Denmark have been great ….??????

  7. I believe Denmark can make it to the Round of 16 in the World Cup, and I hope they do as well as they can. Go Denmark! ? ??

  8. Denmark are fantastic. Winning might be a stretch but they could definitely knock out one or two of the favourites. Leading up to the they were toughest team England had faced. What fell short for them was the squad depth compared to England, it wasn't enough. I reckon they've or will have more good options to come 2022. If they're in pot 2, they are one that the teams in pot 1 will want to avoid

  9. One thing that will be fundamental for Denmark next year, is the ability to change the system from game to game, or even during. Hjulmand is not even required to make a substitution to change it, since Christensen (who keeps getting better and better) Can be moved to midfield, so We Can go from a 3-5-2 to a 4-3-3 during the game, and that will make our team difficult to predict. Both systems have been used with succes during the qualifiers, and every player seems comfortable inside either one of them.
    Alternatively Hjulmand Can pull out Vestergaard and replace him with Christian Nørgaard, who also seems still to be looking for his limits.
    And who knows, Eriksen might be back next year, and what will that do for this team?

    Daramy is still 19, and has still to prove himself, but he is definitely an interesting talent. The WC might be too soon for him, but who knows where he is in november 2022?

  10. It has been a remarkable journey, but let's be realistic:
    It will take luck to win the WC. I , as a Dane, would of course love that, but I seriously will not be surprised if we reach the semi finals, and from there anything can happen…

  11. Credits where its due , yes they won all games and everything , but denmark need to do that against the big boys. They have a good solid group of players but not world class players smth Top footballing nations got. I dont know if erisksen will come back to the fold but denmark need a playmaker. Other than thay Denmark are consistently doing good but must show it up against the top sidesu

  12. They impressed from euro and they will be everyone’s favorite for this tournament.Denmark is so good to watch????

  13. Andreas Christensen is the key player for me. Dream defender. Just as good as VVD and Dias – and he will surpass them the coming years.

  14. as a Dane, i hope we can get a proper leftback soon with a left leg. Mæhle is great, but he allmost allways cuts inside, leaving the left wing clear. This is a huge problem, because this will be taken advantage of better defenses than the ones we had in the qualifier. Mæhle belongs on the right, im not a fan of inverted backs. but since we dont have any leftbacks above "MLS" level, i have to wait.

  15. In general i just danes, i think they are the most charming and most funny people on earth and the football they play are pure joy to watch?? I really think they have a possibilty and I hope they will win the world cup ? From Norway ??

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