Belgium vs. France preview: Has France recovered from their Euro 2020 disaster? | ESPN FC

Watch – Belgium vs. France preview: Has France recovered from their Euro 2020 disaster? | ESPN FC

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France return to European competition against Belgium in the UEFA Nations League, and the ESPN FC panel debate whether or not the France team has put …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Belgium vs. France preview: Has France recovered from their Euro 2020 disaster? | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:04:11, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. By the way what happened to serial winner penaldo??? Poor boy didn't qualify for mickey mouse semifinals ??? dubai d'or to the rescue

  2. I like how the hazard that plays for Belgium is totally different from the one that plays at Madrid. Belgium are pretty solid same as France. Would be difficult to predict

  3. France’s locker room seems to be a mess. They need Zidane desperately. Deschamps is average and his squad selection is abysmal

  4. Hazard almost always plays at a world class level with Belgium. France should look out for him

  5. This is one of those difficult to predict games. With two European giants, Anything can happen.. won't forget last time both met though, Hazard completely mesmerized the french defense, would be fun to see what happens

  6. These European qualifiers are another level of kindergarten games lukaku has more goals than pele and maradona ? ??no wonder penaldo has 100 goals Latvia Israel Luxembourg Ireland andora tax

  7. Did Craig get through a segment without crying about Man U? Bro, get over it. They're 100mil x the club Chelsea is and Chelsea VOTED YOU AS THEIR MOST HATED PLAYER YO BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Belguim CB pairing Alderwield and Vertongen or Denayer …really… who in dey midfield besides KD? Thorgan Hazard?? Carrasco? While France has Griezmann, Mbappe, Benzema, Pogba in midfield and Still hav Theo Hernandez, Kimpembe, Varane, Pavard, how how is Belguim #1 …smh…Belguim 6yrs ago was heavyweight now dey Lightweight dey only hav 3 star players..France hav 9…

  9. It is not simply France. If you look at recent tournament winners, none of them did well at the competition that followed: Spain 2014 at WC 2014, Portugal 2016 at WC 2018. Germany at Euro 2016 were the exception, even then they didn't play that well and their downfall started shortly after.

  10. It's a hard one to predict.Both Belgium and France have issues.Belgium past their peak and France in house issues.

  11. Belgium is a better side right now for me but i don't get the constant negative comments on Mbappé by some of this pundits. Anyway, go Belgium ! You deserve this trophy.

  12. Belgium are not winning it. De Bruyne is in his bottom most form since 2015 except in 2019 when he was injured. Ankle surgery has affected him

  13. Belgium can go past France for me, France maybe will have something to prove but maybe they can't do it immediately, nations league if useless anyways not a big major trophy according to uefa too

  14. Everyone is always talking about Belgium being past their time, but they have a great generation incoming. Belgium even has good young defenders like Vanheusden (22 years old) and Theaté (21 years old), idk why Martinez won't use them though…

  15. man im so anxious. whatever you think about us Belgium. Dont you agree that this deserve atleast some trohpy or tournament win for what they have giving the world?

  16. Okay will be waiting to see Stevie and Gab when Belgium wins this too….let's just see how it goes .??

  17. With Doku, Vanheusden, Saelemaekers, De Ketelaere,… Belgium will have some followup for this generation. They just need another world class striker for the future

  18. I think Belgium 3 – France 3

    Edit: Almost half time: still 0-0 , I predicted for six goals, now I am not sure if I am going to see 1 goal ?

  19. Why people look mbappe and call him ego boy, during Ronaldo and Messi prime time they where the highest paid players, and they free to leave but mbappe time he not free to leave, and also not the highest paid player. But psg knows without mbappe they will achieve nothing. Not even with Messi and Neymar there.

  20. At the moment he better than neymar but at first psg offer him more lower than neymar in is first contract offers.

  21. Lukaku been incredibly I have to also say Hernandez is making France a solid team but France need Kante in Midfielder Benzema and Mbappe been impressive

  22. For ? I actually personally feel that appreciation would just be less because they’re such an adorable as well as such humble so who actually not only understood people’s problem but also stand to help.

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