90 people arrested during England games at Euro 2020 Home Office reveals

Watch – 90 people arrested during England games at Euro 2020 Home Office reveals

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Subscribe to Sky Sports News: The Home Office has revealed there were 92 football-related arrests at England home matches …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled 90 people arrested during England games at Euro 2020 Home Office reveals and credited to Sky Sports News. Viewing time is 00:00:34, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. This should have been dealt with since the euro's. They deserve that. From sending nasty messages to the little German girl and for booing all the opponents national anthems.

  2. The "I don't kneel" banner sparked the fury of the English police. THIS IS THE CENSOR. THIS IS THE RAINBOW TERROR. The Pole and the Hungarian kneel only in the church and before God.

    It's not racism, it's free speech. Fans have the right to say "we don't kneel." The English have been trained and you must keep quiet. You must love lgbt, leftism and political correctness. You kill unborn children and you are silent. Your system, your judgments, doctors – you killed the little Englishman Alfie Evans. What is your value system?

  3. Even though it’s not all England fans it’s enough to make us all look bad. But if you’re from another country please don’t blame every English person because most people aren’t bad.

  4. So there were roughly 60,000 allowed in each game with Covid. Multiply by the six matches played at Wembley gives a ball park of 360,000 people watching England at Wembley during that tournament. Of those 90 were arrested and we don’t even know if they were all English. Hardly conclusive proof there is a serious hooligan problem when 0.025% of fans attending get arrested. And if anything that’s a conservative estimate. Such a blatant agenda being pedalled against working class English football fans by Sky and the likes of Jim White on Talk Sport.

  5. There is a serious problem with hooliganism in football . Something about the sport that attracts the worst kind of lawless hooligan scum in society . English cricket and rugby fans don't behave this way . They do banter and sing sarcastic songs but that is about it

  6. Mind Begs the Question:
    If a PM/Politician is openly Racist – not Arrested
    Citizens are Racist – should be Arrested?

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