Italy vs England 1-1 (Pen 3-2) Goals & Hightlights English Commentary | Euro 2020 Final

Watch – Italy vs England 1-1 (Pen 3-2) Goals & Hightlights English Commentary | Euro 2020 Final

in Euro 2020

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Italy vs England 1-1 (Pen 3-2) Goals & Hightlights | Euro 2020 Final Italy ? Road To Euro Champion – 2020: #ItalyEngland …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Italy vs England 1-1 (Pen 3-2) Goals & Hightlights English Commentary | Euro 2020 Final and credited to Football Classic. Viewing time is 00:13:50, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Watching Declan Rice cry makes me feel happy. Yano how we feel when u play rebel songs and put on an Irish Jersey!

  2. My god, that three last very stupid penalty kickers for england! I hope they are now doing another jobs. Teams which are kneeing down, pls never win! I hope no one will do this sign of being a slave in qatar.

  3. If southgate corrected atleast 1 mistake he made in this match, we could've won. Like if he decided to push on after the first goal, if he brought grealish, sancho and rashford on way earlier, and if he got the penalty selection right. If he corrected one of those I think we could've won

  4. OFF 2 read Shakespeare lads. He's from England.. " UNEASY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN "another gift 2 the world from England.

  5. I was in Italy a few years back and ideas asking fi r directions. The Italian asked me if I was a foreigner. .I said GOOD GOD NO!! IM ENGLUSH!!

  6. Italy this year was a lion wounded in pride after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. We were very hungry and determined, combined with the quality of the players and a great manager everything went well. It was a great tournament, Spain being the hardest team for us to beat. What a happiness to be back on top. See you now at the World Cup ???

  7. ENG lost because they were inexperienced players .. including captain and manager .. also it's shocking to make Kane captain when Totenham Hotspur are not league winners and their gameplay not so can you choose captain from a losing club …Show's no professionalism by the management .. also no experienced players like Wilshere, Walcott, Chamberlain, Vardy , Cahill Kieron Dyer, Jermaine or Sturridge or Welbeck not one experienced players in the team very very very shocking.. else look at Germany Muller, Poland Levondvosky, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Croatia and France all had experienced players except England

  8. Greetings 2 ALL my Italian friends and congratulations on your lottery win from the land of SHAKESPEARE. As William said – " UNEASY LIES THE HEAD THAT WEARS TGE CROWN"

  9. Lol the amount of hate for England in the comments ??

    The only reason why I wanted England to win is for the sake of the youngsters who fought really hard. They deserve it more than anything.

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