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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

Watch our film reflecting on a truly memorable tournament, culminating in an Italian victory in London. A unique tournament in so many ways… What was your …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled EURO 2020 | Review Film and credited to UEFA. Viewing time is 00:48:29, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Why does everyone hate England? The "it's coming home" song is about England mocking themselves, not arrogance, but some people are too ignorant to understand that.

  2. A couple of more sentences regarding the Italian victory and some more images of the winners would not have hurt anybody but the British sportscaster, who was pretty snappy in the end. Very bitter end, by the way. For the losers ???

  3. The one amazing thing you should have included, is how the Finnish supporters showed their support for Eriksen, the Finnish fans were beyond amazing in also showing support.

  4. I am italian, and if italy had to lose the final, it had to be against denmark, they deserved to win this euro2020

  5. England looking forward to the world cup in Qatar. The storyline runs something like, we're a young team, we can only get better, we'll learn from this defeat, it will make us stronger, we'll be back etc etc. Still arrogant, still deluded, still with a complete no mark as a manager.

  6. As a swedish man, it still hurts that we lost to Ukraine… Im going to be depressed for a long time, thats for sure.

  7. What a shameful film. Italy were given perhaps 10 seconds’ time of celebration. Can you imagine if England had won? The doc would’ve lasted like an additional half an hour. I mean, this is so shameful it’s basically ridiculous

  8. The only thing I'll remember about this Euro is drunk,angry and vindictive Englishmen outside of Wembley.
    I was there that night and it was a mess.

  9. personally I love ?? GK Donnarumma but I personally think the most underrated GK is ?? Kasper Schmeichel I've seen him play alot in the premier league and @ internationals I feel like he had a really good tournament except for not being able to hold on to Kanes PK in the semis

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