Watch – ITALY v ENGLAND | UEFA EURO 2020 FINAL in 360°!

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Relive the dramatic EURO 2020 final in 360-degree, immersive video and enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes access around Wembley. Scroll around, what can …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled ITALY v ENGLAND | UEFA EURO 2020 FINAL in 360°! and credited to UEFA. Viewing time is 00:22:10, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I feel life came full circle when Italy won the European Championship. All the pain and suffering from the past year has been replaced with joy and happiness. The whole world was cheering for you guys. Love from India!

  2. Luna Rossa vs Ineos 7-1
    Italia Vs I ghilterra 4-3
    Maneskin primi
    Inglesi zero.
    Wimbledon secondi dietro al Dio del tennis.
    Da Italiano Io amo l ghilterra e non odio gli Inglesi

    Peró quest' anno se un po gli stiamo antipatici li posso quasi capire.

    Aspettiamo se anche la Ferrari riesce finalmente a fare qualcosa di buono, così completiamo il cerchio.

  3. how disrespectful that during the penalties English fans, in addition to booing, move their arms to distract the Italian players who have to shoot?
    Btw excuse my English?

  4. To all those salty sour losers calling Italy's win fluke due to penalties …
    England can't defend and attack like Italy that's why they parked the bus. Had England gone all out for the 2nd goal after the 1st, scored when Italy weren't settled … they'd have lost 2-1 or 3-1 … worse if Chiesa hadn't gone off injured or Italy played a proper striker!! Don't forget Chiellini going off injured in the 2nd match after 30' to come back and play from the SF, Florenzi going off injured in the opening match and the biggest hit being Spinazzola's injury. A new manager and with many new players playing first major international tournament coped with everything thrown at them and played good football and the team was a joy to watch!!! Also they had key players missing tournament through injury like Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Sensi. Whoever the favourite "wonder kids" /costliest players in the world of the salty ones … you need a balanced team .. and England's weakest point is their midfield and mental strength .. and not to forget all the hype going to head of some of the players!! And Italy winning even on penalties after going a goal down in 2 mins in such hostile surrounding with extreme continuos loud booing from 95+% home crowd .. from start to finish .. even when players were going to take penalties is a stupendous achievement!! And penalties are part of the game … Spain defeated Switzerland on penalties who France couldn't defeat on penalties and bowed out. The Spain Golden Generation of 2008-2012 won knockout matches on penalties, even lost their opening match in 2010 WC.
    Point is … every winner has to suffer and can't be dominating and rolling over teams in all matches and have to cope with various situations that come up and adapt to varied playing styles which Italy did pretty well!! If England had won on penalties they'd have no problems for one of the the "highest" financially valued team winning with one sided crowd support at home on penalties ??!!!! Also on some sour ones calling Italy's goal scrappy .. when it was actually a very well created goal .. to break the Eng Defence who were constantly defending in a block of atleast 8 defenders and great header by Verratti which was excellently saved by Pickford (England's player of the match and tournament .. leaving aside my view that he is not a calming presence for teammates with his antics and only adds pressure) before the rebound was turned in by Bonucci. Great substitution by Mancini to bring in Cristante who played a vital role.
    Azzurri fully deserved the victory .. most consistent team of last 3 years and in the Euros won by true team effort … Congrats and Forza Azzurri ????

  5. How arrogant of the England players .. most taking off their runners-up medals with indecent haste and not waiting till the winners got theirs or congratulating them??!! Some will say that most runners-up do so .. which isn't true … mentioning just two iconic Football matches .. 1994 WC Final – Italy losing to Brazil on penalties .. one can watch the post match footage of players' behavior .. even legendary Baggio and Baresi who got them to the final but missed penalties kept the silver medal on. Another match .. 2005 Champion's League Final AC Milan losing to Liverpool through penalties after being 3-0 up going into halftime .. awards ceremony of that too can be viewed for sporting behavior. England were the host and this unsporting behavior by their players makes them look even worse after a lot of their supporters' vile, thuggish behavior throughout the tournament! When Harry Maguire's father got injured with damaged ribs .. then what about the ordinary spectators!! Thankfully by God's grace no one lost life either inside or outside the stadium which was being dreaded by many leading up to the final kick-off!!

  6. Love seeing english fans moving fast their hands to distract italian players but still lose.

  7. respect tho those who stayed til the end, the rest go to the same category of desgusting english people/fans/supporters/english in general, as wee seen they are at this euro. thanks Italy

  8. England didn’t deserve to play the final because Sterling dived against Denmark. They cheated like they did in 1966 against Germany


  10. a month after and it still hurts all credit to italy but the last penalty donnaruma saved he was off his line and the referees decions where fucking disgraceful should of had 3 red cards cheilini jorghino and bonnuci disgraceful

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