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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

SUBSCRIBE to FOOTBALL DAILY: In goal we have the Danish rock of Kasper Schmeichel, with England’s Kyle Walker and Harry …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled FOOTBALL DAILY'S EURO 2020 TEAM OF THE TOURNAMENT XI! and credited to Football Daily. Viewing time is 00:11:19, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Ayo I know this will be for a diffrent video but for copa America dident you say in Sunday vibes that messi gave his lucky ribbon to Martinez and Martinez was one of the best players at the tournament and they went on to win?

  2. Pickford 5 clean sheets, save percentage 88.2%. Probably England's player of the tournament (maybe Sterling). And 2 penalty saves in the final

  3. unpopular opinion but i think bonucci deserves the spot more than chiellini and shaw deserves the spot more than spinazzola

  4. Sterling definitely doesn't deserve it. He had a two very good games, yes, but every other game he was rubbish- diving, scuffing chances, ball hogging then losing possession, not tracking back or contributing to possession play. Touching the ball and getting one out of 30 scoring opportunities does not constitute skill- it merely reflects his position and the jobs minimum requirements. He's had an absolutely average tournament.
    Luke Shaw easily makes it, Kyle Walker doesn't even come close.

  5. The only thing sterling and England proved was that diving is the most important thing in football. If the wind blows on sterling or Kane they act like they got shot by a sniper

  6. No Bonucci seriously I can grudgingly accept Kasper Schmeichel over Donnarumma not really honestly but you can't split Bonucci and Chiellini they are a team they are both at their best when together shown at juve

  7. Me when someone criticize my list: Hey it's my list, feel free to make your own list!
    Me seeing FD's list: u wot m8?

  8. Mæhle robbed. Clearly only Danish people who know how dominant he has Been. Our Best player in the tournament by far

  9. Summer , coufal , bonucci , maguire , kjaer , spinnazola , jorginho, hojberg , sterling , ronaldo , schick

  10. The pairing of Bouncci and Chellini is unbeatable and Bouncci deserves to be in the team over Maguire.

  11. I reckon these selections are much better than the official UEFA picks. Surprised that Dumfries wasn't even considered for RB. Shaw was immense and would have been my pick at LB. Chiesa was one of the top 3 players this tournament for me, so would have definitely got in my side.

  12. How can you pick a player like Sterling. It’s embarrassing to solute a player that discredit the game with showing the world it’s okay to dive and cheat?

  13. An excellent team. I love the additions of Insigne, Pogba and Chiellini. They deserve it. Pedri is a given. It was surprising that he wasn't in the official list, probably because he got the Young Player Award…

  14. Wait so you put in spinazzola because it was the sentimental choice? ?????????????????????????????? Shawberto was better than spinazzola in every metric, and way more vital to England's run (since spinazzola was out in the quarters but italy still won it. Doubt england was going anywhere without Shawberto esp vs germany)… But no I guess it's trendy to ignore Shaw's ridiculous performances. So well done football daily

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