England's loss in UEFA Euro 2020 exposes the UGLY underbelly of Society for CERTAIN Players

Watch – England's loss in UEFA Euro 2020 exposes the UGLY underbelly of Society for CERTAIN Players

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled England's loss in UEFA Euro 2020 exposes the UGLY underbelly of Society for CERTAIN Players and credited to Uche Nwaneri. Viewing time is 00:09:34, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Unfortunately this reaction was expected, between the online bullying of a 10 year old German girl, to trying to blind an opposing goal keeper with a laser pointer and ,of course, the European tradition of RIOTING IN THE STREETS (before the final match even started), it was only a matter of time when a young kid on the teams gets unlucky and the mobs start readying their pitchforks for the sacrificial lamb. I don't know why but when it comes to soccer in particular, everyone inside of both Europe and the Middle east become even more hostile than Philadelphia Eagles fans after losing to Dallas by 40+ points and that's saying something.

  2. Yea unfortunately I expected. It's a real shame. Marcus Rashford who has done alot for children in poverty in England had a mural of him defaced. It sucks because in soccer racism and or homophobia is very rampant not only in Europe but almost all around the world

  3. You're being conned if you think racism is a widespread problem in the UK. No one even knows who these tweets are sent by. Twitter is anonymous. There are forces out there trying to destroy western civilization. You don't think there are people sending tweets just to cause trouble? The England manager himself acknowledges that a large amount of these tweets are coming from foreign IP addresses. You're falling for a con here man. I don't know anyone who is racist in the UK. Not a single person that I know. It isn't the same as the USA.

  4. As disgraceful as this is, it's definitely not unexpected. The guy's 19 with a heck of a future ahead of him, this was the last thing he deserved for that loss. England's an entirely different animal when it comes to soccer, it's comparable to Philadelphia and its sports teams if it were a whole country.

  5. So I understand 14 Racist Messages were Highlighted 8 of those accounts were not England fans, 2 I know of were, 1 A Somali Muslim making the racist comments and another for example later found to be Black himself race baiting. In no way am I making excuses for the 2 or 4 that might actually be real, I love you Uche I'm a big fan, no racism is acceptable, but I can't stand aside and not say anything when evidence points towards professional trolls driving a wedge between us.

  6. Of course Uche rushed to judgement before establishing all the facts. A handful of juvenile messages on social media from extremely questionable accounts get massively inflated by some millionaire, attention seeking athletes, grifter politicians and a deceiving mass media intent on justifying their fascistic agenda. They do the BLM kneel because they desperately want racism to be a massive issue when it isn't. They kneel because it virtue signals to the thugs in BLM and on Twitter, giving themselves more attention whilst smearing a general public who are innocent of the crimes the kneel is supposedly aimed against.

    Do your research Uche

  7. 8:51: there’s really only one thing to say to them and that is fuck you I hope you literally get some sense slapped into you

  8. Just when you thought football hooligans couldn't sink any lower. Never seen anything this bad. It's absolutely disgusting.

  9. As a muslim in Internet, I've been battling Islamophobia for years. But then I realized the other side had no interest in truth, they are just interest in hating business & winning debate. Just ignore these trollers, they're not actually racist, just evil little shits who will say anything to hurt you and covering behind internet anonymity.

  10. Hate to see this still going on, makes you feel like we went back in time back to the 50s and 60s. Thought more were raised like I was. We are all human the only thing that should matter is your actions and decisions. Are you like Martian Luther King and Betty White or like Ted Bundy or Hitler? Sad that this still is going on in this day and age.

  11. It people like this that makes me see football/soccer as nothing but a game. Those people take thing to seriously I mean come on yes we lost this one but that does not mean we won't have another chance it not tje end of the world there will be another one in the next 4 years and we have the world cup coming up soon. But no these people have really fic skulls if they cannot see that

  12. I don't care what people say, but when this stuff happens i don't see football as more then a game so that whole thing about football being more than just a game to me is a load of bull

  13. Uche that is beyond racist that last tweet was a call to hunt down black people for missing a fu@king kick. You are absolutely right to point this out.

  14. Same comment: a Nigerian fella has no business commenting and pontificating to other nations about right and wrong. Especially considering Nigeria is still in a de facto ethnic-religious civil war, which I should think is far more concerning than a handful of social media trolls trying to abuse the England players.

  15. Welp.. apparently the vast majority (like.. 99%) of the racist comments came from OUTSIDE of England and came from countries like Italy and areas like the Middle East. Which, I had a feeling about after seeing the names of the ones that sent those messages. But, I highly doubt this story will get any kind of corrected retraction. I don’t mean on your end either.. more the MSM.

  16. Imagine what would've happened if they had won the penalty shootout. The media would have praised them for their heroics rightly, the selection of those young players to take that shot by a coach would've been a genius move and taking the knee united all of England. That didn't happen so racershist is the only story that will sell for the media overshadowing all that the Italians did rebuilding their team reaching the finals and winning.

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