Who will finish third in Group F at UEFA EURO 2020? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

Watch – Who will finish third in Group F at UEFA EURO 2020? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Kasey Keller and Don Hutchison join Dan Thomas to answer fans’ question in an episode of #FCExtraTime. 0:00 Don recaps how his …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Who will finish third in Group F at UEFA EURO 2020? | Extra Time | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:12:31, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!



  2. I would have loved Dan to elaborate on the story where he went out with Craig and attempted to match him drink for drink. As a Scot like Craig, I can tell you that's not a good move. I've had a few sessions with people in various countries, but usually what they think is a bender is just a warm up for a Scot. I exclude the Irish from that generalisation, they sure know how to drink. I'm actually half Scottish and half Irish, though was brought up in Scotland so identify as a Scot, but my bloodline suggests that drinking in moderation was never an option.

  3. If I was a Scottish fan I would be hoping for 3rd place, much easier draw, why would u want to win the group? And get portugal, France, or Germany! That ain't gonna beat them in a million years !

  4. Craig can be so annoying sometimes, like he played football and now is a pundit but he seems to be completely disinterested in it? Like it's not a crime to actually express interest in something.

  5. Penaldo will be out from the first round…..Portugal can win only with eassiest team.The group is so tough…Penaldo has no chance

  6. Craig will be banned from entering Scotland. That's pretty sad from him. Everyone support their country of origin first even though they might not be the favorite team in the competition

  7. The ignorant wind morphometrically love because dancer prudently complain afore a wiggly birch. incompetent, damaged suede

  8. Hungary gets third, shock upset of Germany and Portugal parks the bus against them. Portugal goes home, Germany round of 16 exit

    I wish but probably Hungary won't qualify for the knockout stage

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