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#ad 18+ UK/IRL – T&Cs apply ????????????? In this video I’m talking about my Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Selection ahead of Matchday 1.

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled TEAM SELECTION MATCHDAY 1 | Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips and credited to Let’s Talk FPL. Viewing time is 00:21:23, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. What do you guys think about Belgium?
    i know Lukaku feels like a must to have but with Hazard and De Bruyne as "doubtful"..
    will Belgium still score alot?
    Anyone got any updates on Hazard and De Bruyne?

  2. Same attack and defence. I have Cakir/Bauchmann and B.Silva/F.Torres/Wijnaldum/Beradi/Ampadu.

    Thinking is I want my “cheap” players playing first. If they bang, great, if not I have my big hitters to come on.

    I don’t understand the “don’t pick Ronaldo because you won’t captain him” trope. I want the players who are going to score the most points. Apart from Lukaku, which other player are people predicting to score more points on MD1 than Ronaldo???

  3. Rate my team guys:

    Depay, Lukaku, Kalajdzic

    Eriksen, Berardi, Mount, Malinovski, Torres

    Mæhle, Spinazzola, Denayer, Cancelo, Bereszynski

    Schmeichel, Bachman

  4. You seem certain that Simon will start for Spain? From what I've seen Enrique's been annoyingly vague on who he'll choose. Why so certain about Simon? I'd love to be certain myself 😀

  5. You are nailing "Mæhle", Andy! No reason to doubt your pronunciation on that. Thank you again for top content!

  6. You're definitely getting the Mæhle pronounciation right now! Easiest way is just to say the English word 'mail' and add an 'e', maile, and break it over to mai-le, so you make sure you put pressure from the L letter maiLe, which forces you to make the 'e' sound as well. Kind regards, a Danish linguist. PS. Nice team, Andy.

  7. Apparently there's a risk with Spain because of covid, I'll hold on to torres rn anyway, also I've got gnabry, is he good

  8. At this point I’m just going to emulate the exact team you have and things you do. Thank you Sir!

  9. andy it's really jarring when you keep worrying about your pronunciation! sounds like you've got a pretty good grasp of the names, just have a go and keep the vid moving along you're all good

  10. Really enjoy the videos. If Berardi plays he's an absolute steal at 6m and with only 4% ownership might prove to be a nice differential. Roll on 8pm.

  11. I can't sign up to that ultimately fan as I'm registered with gamestop which stops me from gambling hownis that game gambling

  12. Dissapointing template team. Surely you would expect something a little different from content providers

  13. I'm in doubt italy going to get cleansheet. So i won't get donnaruma, but get krul instead with hradecky or bachmann for budget GK. But spinazzola was good option.

  14. If my manual sub did not play at all, will the player whom I manually changed in the matchweek come in from the bench, back up?

  15. Stupid question, but am I right in thinking that you can only sub someone, prior to them playing? So for example, Depay gets 4 points, I would sub ronaldo on prior to him playing

  16. I am doing a league with my mates I am just gonna mirror your teams and I will let you know at the end where I end up

  17. Currently sitting 114th in your league. Had Insigne Captained , Spinazola, Berardi and Yilmaz but thinking of subbing out Yilmaz later on in the week in case some of my other players don't play.

  18. Andy you’re a genius – how can I join your league if you have one ? Love what you do… tvm

  19. Yo can someone tell if u can change ur captain after each so for Italy turkey I choose isigne then swapped to lukaku for today it halfed my isigne points but I still have the doubled points in the league

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