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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

This is my UEFA EURO 2020 prediction video! Will Scotland & England make it to the final? Will Portugal get knocked out of the group of death? I think there will …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled PORTUGAL WILL CRASH OUT! UEFA EURO 2020 PREDICTION! and credited to Footy Adventures. Viewing time is 00:09:53, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I agree with your shout about Italy, Mancini has done well and they have got a good group, I think they’ll do well and have an outside chance of winning it all. I disagree with Portugal. Their manager is an expert in these completions and with players like Dias, Cancelo, Fonte, Bruno, Ronsldo, Jota, Andre Silva, the squad they have is better than 2016. I think they’ll get through.

    I think France to win. Lukaku to win the golden boot. Macedonia will qualify out of their group. I fancy Croatia to finish bottom of our group and Scotland to scrape through. Their match against the Czechs is huge! I think England have a great chance of winning if they get through their last 16 game but the pessimist in me sees us getting knocked out then!

  2. At the group stage you says Belgium aren’t that good 2 minutes later boom there in the final ??? love your videos lad keep up the good work ??

  3. the croats paid 1 billion euros to advance to the round of 16 of the european football championship. You are entering hundreds, thousands, millions of EUR that Croatia will play in the eighth finals of the European Football Championship. Rob bookmakers, recover all the money you have lost so far and take ten times more than that.

  4. Lets go Italy!!! 🙂 Very bold predictions too, you may as well be 100% with right with everything considering this tournament is always gonna have some sort of upsets haha!!

  5. I real do think that North Macedonia to top the group and be the euro surprise team, but I do agree with you Italy to win it.

  6. Lmao of course you would say Portugal are gonna crash out your English. What has England won lately? Lmao

  7. In 2016, when Italy was just a patched-up Team , they still beat Belgium and Spain with 2-0s. This time Italy is well-built and will again have high Probability of beating Belgium…whichever Stage they meet.

  8. The thing is your prediction is very different from other Youtubers… I love it plus I also predicted Italy to win this tournament…

  9. Quality video again mate I was very boring with my prediction I had Portugal to beat France in the final, I like the varied prediction and I’ll see you at the fan park next week ?

  10. Group F i think Portugal will finish 2nd , Hungary 3rd and Germany last …. they've been pretty lacklustre and if they lose a goal their heads go down … if Scotland finish 2nd i would be over joyed but i think Croatia will come 2nd and i reckon we can come 3rd if luck goes our way

  11. I am gonna say England going to finish in 4th as they are pretty decent ??.

    Portugal for me will finish at least in 2nd , Germany and Hungary aren’t any better.

  12. France can surely be stopped but only by Portugal. If France doesn't meet Portugal after the group stage, France will be lifting the EURO 2020 by rolling over other teams. Portugal's defence vs. France's attack – the one comes on top leads the team to the finish line in this EURO.

  13. Have watched loads of prediction videos and everyone always goes the obvious teams all the time. Really rate these predictions mate, always a lot of shocks about.

  14. Its funny in a way because in an ideal world you want to avoid winning our (Eng/Scot) group because you get the runners up in the group of death however it will be in London. If you get past that its likely Spain in Rome, Runners up play Poland/Slovakia/Sweden in Copenhagen assuming Spain wins that group. In reality if Scotland get though I can see it being third, lol (Croatia have never beaten us :))

  15. You’re on to something, my friend. Italy and Germany are underrated in this tournament.

  16. blah blah blah i dont car, just because portugal have some oldest player that means nothing

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