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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

So here we go again, a major tournament is upon us! IT’S COMING HOME! or is it? Find out who I think will will Euro 2020 in the video ? JOIN THE CHANNEL …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled MY EURO 2020 PREDICTION and credited to Smiv. Viewing time is 00:17:44, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Hungary are technically regarded as having the best team of all time, back in the 50s they were so dominant, it was only when West Germany got Nike (I think) to develop boots that could work in the rain that cost them winning the Euros. Got nothing to do with these Euros, but it's a nice fun fact.

  2. Interesting fact for you smiv. Scotland have never lost to Croatia. Probably will change in the next week though.

  3. Check Ukraine’s results from the last 2 years and tell me if you put them anywhere under 2nd still.

  4. I love that England people think they are gonna win the competition. LOVE IT! The Happy Hooligans are coming to Wembly!

  5. Hey Matt, great to see you have Canadians Mark Anthony-Kaye and Cyle Larin in your Sorare team. Both have been fantastic for their domestic clubs. Canadians on the rise in world football!

  6. England aint maken it out the group , out of form players that the yes man manager will select mixed in with inexperiance & players with little game time

    Croatia have the experiance have beaten us so not a easy game start with , scotland well fully fit up for it nothing to lose there cup final , not winning the game before this isn't one not win but he will hope counter attack and lose , then the czech game knowing England we will have 3 midfield injurys with only 5 selected formation swapping players out of position must win game iam english rashford will miss from a yard out on current for an it wouldnt of been a sterling assist as hes struggling get out of james pocket still

  7. not only does he disrespect portugal putting them in 3rd but also the fucking ad break jesus, ive never seen such a long ad break

  8. everyone underestimating portugal, i can see them going all the way, there squad is absolutely stacked.

  9. The western guys, such as you from the UK don’t watch international football for sure, no clue about Ukraine ?? & Turkey ?? .
    We’ll both top our groups, God is with us ??

  10. I believe Hungary will make it out of Group F because Germany, France, and Portugal will all take points off each other and if Hungary could nick a win against Germany stuck in transition, they could maybe get a point against one of the other two and scrape their way into 2nd, giving England them in the Round of 16

  11. To be honest this guy used his heart rather than his head…England will bottle it…this guy is English so he decided to bias. How can you say England are more solid in a final against France… France can work as a team. England are good a team i dont know

  12. Smiv regardless of how strong that England squad is you have to remember you’re managed my southgate, he doesn’t let people express themselves on the field, all individual talents but collectively as a team under southgate I predicted them to get knocked out my Germany

  13. Why doe England fans think there going to win there .euros is mad France Belgium Germany Portugal are better then them

  14. 3 left back and 9 strikes nice one England boss and bad goal keapear and players that are injured ok then ?????

  15. Only positive for scotland v croatia. scotland have never lost to them ever. always a first tho

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