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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

Today I have my EURO 2020 Prediction! I tell you guys my EURO 2020 winners, top goalscorers, biggest flops, and more! If you enjoyed the video make sure to …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled MY EURO 2020 PREDICTION! and credited to FIFA CHEF. Viewing time is 00:10:04, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Guys ik there's a lot of "wacky" predictions from me here, but i had to predict some upsets! Yes Portugal are one of the favourites to win, England are likely to do well, Ukraine should do better and Croatia is expected to perform poorly, but if everyone predicted the same thing it wouldn't be any fun! Share your opinions in the comments but remember to be respectful to everyone!

  2. Austria beats North Macedonia twice comfortably in the Qualifiers… "Yeah North Macedonia come second"

  3. I heard it's the last major tournament of germany's coach, I feel like they played wack in the world cup, but they're going to pop off in these euros, its always kinda hit or miss with them. I would say france would be my first choice for the champions as well, and im hoping some countries like scotland can cause upsets and make it a bit more spicy. I for some reason feel like portugal is going to be a massive upset personally.

  4. Based on results the past two years and player levels in general. I actually totally agree your predictions on group A and B. Group C, no. That group is actually very open I think. But N.Macedonia is the weakest team. Ukraine could even be a group winner. its very open between Holland, Ukraine and Austria. Group D: 1. England. 2, Check Rep. 3. Croatia 4. Scotland. Group E: 1: Spain 2: Slovakia 3:Sweden 4: Poland. Group F: 1. France 2: Germany 3: Portugal 4: Hungary.
    So many good teams. Hard to predict. My prediction for the two teams in the final: Belgium vs Denmark. Belgium wins!

  5. Final: Belgium vs Denmark. Belgium wins. Topscorer: Lukaku. Flops! All the rest. So many equal teams. At least 12 teams think they will win the tournament.

  6. There will be 3 times more surprises then what u predict. At least 2 big favorite fall in the group stages. And the dark horse is Italy and we hungarians we have the 3rd position and score at least 2 games

  7. What an excuse is that! Predict what’s actually going to happen not just to get some crummy views ok you are a disgrace.I am subscribed to you now I’m unsubscribeing you big loser you’ve upset all my friends in potragul I hope your happy with yourself you joke man

  8. De Boer will ruin the Netherlands, all the talent with a shitty manager, they will finish 3rd or 4th

  9. I would have gone for Italy but the coach didn’t take ogbonna, who is just a beast for west ham, ?

  10. Ukraine personally will make it out the group cuz they r in pretty good from Austria will be third and and Macedonia 4th

  11. I don't think you have watched Croatia play in recent times. All of their players are ageing and getting worse, I don't think they will top the group or even go through

  12. Good predictions France’s offense is just too powerful right now: Mbappé+Benzema and Griezmann behind them to back them up.

  13. Group A:
    1. Italy
    2. Switzerland
    3. Turkey
    4. Wales

    1. Belgium
    2. Denmark
    3. Russia
    4. Finland

    1. Netherlands
    2. Ukraine
    3. North Macedonia
    4. Austria

    1. England
    2. Croatia
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Scotland

    1. Spain
    2. Poland
    3. Sweden
    4. Slovakia

    1. France
    2. Portugal
    3. Germany
    4. Hungary

  14. winner: italy
    disappointment: england & the netherlands
    dark horse: ukraine, italy and turkey
    top scorer: mbappé

  15. I believe the order you clicked the 3rd placed teams doesn't matter because their group will still determine who they play.

  16. I think Netherlands have a good shout to win it because there midfield and defense is very good and depay has been on fire for Lyon

  17. Winner:France
    Dark Horse:North Macedonia
    Top Scorer:Griezmann
    Slight Surprise (A team that doesnt make it further than the round of 16 but still surprises):Scotland

    Coming from a ?gbsct

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